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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Viva Ned Flanders
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The Monty Burns Casino is being demolished, but it’s the employees Mr Burns is worried about. Where will the card sharks, bottom-dealers and shills go?
they have all transferred to Mr Burns’ health insurance company
they will be reassigned to Mr Burns’ concert ticket sales division
they will manage Mr Burns’ chain of nursing homes
they have been hired by the Fox Network
ComicBook Guy insists that the car wash employee take care of his valuable and humorous bumper stickers, which include all of the following except:
I Brake For Tribbles
My Other Car Is A Millennium Falcon
How’s My Driving? Call NCC-1701
My Child Is An Honor Student at Starfleet Academy
All of the following bands play wuss rock, except:
Air Supply
Loggins and Oates
Pablo Cruise
Fill in the blank: How did ____________ get half price?
Churchy La Femme
Goody Four-Eyes
Jesus’ So-Called Best Friend
Mr Too Holy To Pee In The Font
Ned Flanders is sixty, but he’s never lived a day in his life. He’s never done any of the following, except possibly:
eaten an entire birthday cake and blamed it on the dog
snuck out of church to break into cars
licked maple syrup off his lover’s stomach
killed a member of an endangered species because it might be the last chance anyone has
Abe and Jasper have been car-jacked. Where do the young ladies want to go?
T.J. Maxx
Burlington Coat Factory
Ned enrolls in the Homer Simpson program, so it’s off to Las Vegas! Who does Homer run over?
Carrot Top
Joan Rivers
Don Rickles
Lance Murdoch is performing a stunt involving all of the following except:
cracking the safe on his head while...
… riding his suicycle through a ring of fire...
... and also over dog-do...
... all done while chugging a beer
Games of chance are strictly forbidden by:
Ecclesiastes 3
Leviticus 9
Deuteronomy 7
Numbers 5
Ned makes a drink order which results in an unpleasant chain of events. What is it?
a white wine spritzer
limoncello and tonic
low-calorie Pimm’s
vermouth and Sprite
Homer and Ned have found they are married to two new wives. Which one is Ned’s wife?
Homer, Ned, Amber and Ginger were married as husbands and wives thanks to the power divested to the Minister by the:
Chicago outfit
Detroit outfit
St. Louis outfit
Pittsburgh outfit
There’s so much more two wives could do for Homer! He hears digging, but he doesn’t hear:
Homer and Ned are set upon by Vegas notables including Gunter and Ernst, Drederick Tatum and the Moody Blues. Which Moody Blue pulls a knife from his flute and declares “I want fatty!”?
Graeme Edge
Justin Hayward
Jon Lodge
Ray Thomas
Homer develops a story so he and Ned can set things straight with Marge and Maude. The story involves:
Ned being wrongfully arrested for murder
Homer and Ned entering a cross-country road race to win a million dollars for their wives
Ned being gang-probed
Homer rescuing cats from a burning veterinary clinic

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