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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
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It’s the first game of the Springfield Isotopes’ season. Who sings the national anthem before the game?
Weird Al Yankovich
Wang Chung
David Lee Roth
Cyndi Lauper
Homer wants the ‘topes to hurry up and lose so the Simpsons can get out of there. But you’ve got to support the team – they’ve been threatening to move to where?
Moose Jaw
French Lick
That sniper at the All-Star game turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and the Isotopes are in the championship game. Unfortunately for Moe, no one touches his:
devilled eggs
After the ‘topes victory, Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney go on a drunken rampage. What song do they sing in the boys’ locker room at Springfield Elementary?
We Are The Champions
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Sweet Caroline
The damage Homer and his friends did to the school is blamed on no-good punk kids, and a curfew is established. Of the following, which is not given by Homer as an example of bad things being named for children?
acting childish
kidney failure
child abuse
Chief Wiggum enforces the curfew, but Nelson gives him an ID in the name of:
Comic Book Guy
Dr Hibbert
Ned Flanders
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
The Simpson children are so bored they are willing to play a board game. Which game do they settle for?
The Game of Lent
Energy Shortage
Hippo in the House
In desperation, the kids turn on the TV, only to find what show is playing?
Don’t Go There
Talk To The Hand
Oh No You Didn’t
So Sue Me
Bart and Lisa catch an ad for the drive-in, which is playing “The Bloodening”. What is Milhouse watching?
Barney & Friends
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
The children in The Bloodening know all of the adults’ secrets, which include all of the following except:
the vicar has been pilfering the poor box
the police constable has been sneaking puddings
the chimneysweep has been poisoning the postman’s fruitcake
the doctor and the boot-black have been rogering the fishwife in the crumpet shop
The children of Springfield bring a very special presentation called “We Know All Your Secrets”. Who is revealed as a wearer of control-top pantyhose?
Kent Brockman
Chief Wiggum
Reverend Lovejoy
Seymour Skinner
And guess who is outed as practising medicine without a licence?
Dr Hibbert
Dr Nick Riviera
Moe Syszlak
Homer Simpson
The adults bring their complaints to the children in song form. What is not one of the lyrics?
Kids, you’re all just rotten, misbegotten hoodlums!
Channel-hopping, Ritalin-popping monkeys!
I can nag and nag 'til my hair turns blue!
We ought to drown you just like cats!
The kids counter-claim that the adults run the kids’ lives like they are:
Emperor Palpatine
Mrs Iselin
Colonel Klink
Dr Phil
The song is interrupted by the elderly of Springfield, who have been trying to get some sleep. What time is it?
almost half past five
almost six fifteen
almost seven thirty
almost eight o’clock

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