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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
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Here’s another news flush from Bill and Marty. What do doctors say of the life expectancy of the average man?
72.2 years
74.2 years
76.2 years
78.2 years
Homer imagines his funeral in the Graveyard of the Future. Who is President?
Which fictional characters attend Homer’s imaginary funeral?
Heckle and Jeckle
Yogi Bear and Boo Boo
Pinky and the Brain
Waldorf and Stadler
Homer has wasted half his life. He has three memories. What is not one of them?
standing in line for a movie
staring at the fridge
having a key made
sitting here talking to Marge
The Simpsons have made a movie to show Homer how much he has accomplished in his 39 years. Who makes a special guest appearance?
Ponch, from CHiPS
KITT, from Knight Rider
B.A. Baracus, from The A-Team
Alf, from Alf
Of the following, what did Thomas Edison not invent?
the fluoroscope
the microphone
the induction motor
the stock ticker
Where did Lisa learn about Edison’s inventions?
a bubble gum wrapper
a placemat at a restaurant
public television
USA Today
Homer is learning about Edison at the school library. What has he also been reading?
Hardy Boys Mysteries
the Goosebumps series
Judy Blume
a book about our changing bodies
Homer bores the other patrons at Moe’s with factoids about Edison. What is not one of them?
his favourite flower was the heliotrope
he was a firm believer in Fletcherism
the Netherlands named their version of the Grammys after him
he never ever wore pyjamas
Where does Homer keep his inventing files?
the VCR
the cat’s litter-box
the vegetable crisper
the dryer
Frink isn’t worried that Homer has stolen his idea for hamburger earmuffs – these babies will be in stores while he’s still grappling with what?
the secret sauce
the hot burger/cold lettuce ratio
the cheese-melt multiplicity
the pickle matrix
Homer has the four greatest inventions in the history of mankind. What is not one of them?
the “Everything’s OK” alarm
the retractable butter stick
the Lazy-Man Reclining Toilet Chair
the make-up gun
What are tour groups at the museum not ordinarily allowed to see?
Edison’s room of stolen inventions
Edison’s cryogenically frozen body
Edison’s perpetual motion machine
Edison’s actual preserved brain
How can you recognise the phony Pope?
by his high-top sneakers and incredibly foul mouth
by his Karate Kid headband and entourage of hoochies
by his bowl haircut and disgusting stench
by his Hitler moustache and extremely tight jeans
What brilliant invention (of Homer’s) is expected to generate millions for Edison’s already wealthy heirs?
the self-balancing toothbrush
the electric hammer
the measuring-tape belt
the six-pack bottle carrier

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