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How Well Do You Know: Bring It On
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1. The cheer sequence that opens the movie is a dream, which ends with Torrance realizing, to her horror, that:
She is naked
She drops the spirit stick
She has forgotten the words to her yell
She is wearing the wrong uniform
2. The nickname of the captain who proceeded Torrance as the captain of Toros is:
Naughty Natalie
Queen Bee
Nasty Cathy
Big Red
3. The name of the school at which the film takes place translates roughly as:
Body Shop
Meat Farm
Easy Street
Street Walkers
4. The Toros are the:
5-time defending national champions
10-time defending national champions
National runners-up
Defending national champions
5. Coming into the school as a transfer, Cliff mocks his classmates for this less than intimidating hazing ritual:
Wet willy
Whoopie cushion
Dork cough
Loser sneeze
6. An opening is created on the squad when:
A cheerleader is busted for prostitution
A cheerleader is injured performing a difficult formation
She was caught making out with the groundskeeper
She got pregnant
7. Through the movie, two female members of the squad act as a thorn in Torrance's side. Their names are:
Roxy and Katie
Mary Kate and Susan
Kristin and Kirsten
Whitney and Courtney
8. Before joining the Toros, Missy pursued this athletic endeavor:
Field hockey
9. Missy drives Torrance to this California city to prove that the Toros' cheers have been stolen:
Los Angeles
San Diego
10. Torrance believes that she is cursed because, at cheer camp, she dropped the spirit stick. Why did she drop it?
She was flirting with a boy
She dropped it on a dare
She sneezed
She was blinded by a camera flash
11. At first, most of the Toros squad is in favor of keeping the stolen routines. What makes them change their minds?
Torrance shows them video proof
Torrance makes an impassioned speech
The Clovers beat up one of the Toros
The Clovers show up at a game and perform the same routine the Toros are doing
12. The Toro football team:
Has been disbanded
Is awful
Has one a national championship every year the cheerleading squad has
Has never lost a game
13. Cliff has an affinity for this type of music:
Hair metal
14. How does Torrance learn about Sparky Polastri, who will develop new routines for the Toros?
From her boyfriend Aaron
From Missy
From her father
From Cliff
15. The song that Sparky uses in the routine that he sells to the Toros begins with:
Just watch what happens now
You wanted the best, you got the best
Prepare for total domination
We are warriors
16. Sparky becomes enraged at this part of the Toros' performance of routine which he finds severely substandard:
Their spirit fingers
The Toros' timing
Their alacrity and effulgence
Their high kicks
17. At the first cheerleading competition, the Toros are horrified to learn that:
Missy got lost on the way
Another team performs the same routine
Torrance never filed the application for them to compete
One of the male Toros was arrested the night before
18. Who is not on hand to watch the Toros at the competition?
Big Red
19. Despite the debacle at the competition, the Toros still will be allowed to go to nationals, because:
Torrance's father is on the competition committee
Not enough other teams from their region qualified
Big Red's mother is one of the judges
They're defending champions
20. Forced to develop an original routine on their own, the Toros look to each of the following for inspiration, except:
Break dancing
Martial arts
21. Torrance finally breaks up with Aaron when:
He back Courtney and Whitney for captain
He learns that he's gay
She catches him with another girl
He wants Big Red back as captain
22. The Clovers can't afford to go to nationals, but Torrance gives Isis a check to cover the expenses. How did she get the money?
The Toros had a car wash
She sold her car
Her father's company footed the bill
The Toros had a kissing booth
23. Isis tore up Torrance's check. How did the Clovers get the money to go to nationals?
From a talk show host
The school diverted money when the football team disbanded
Big Red gave them the money
They all took overnight jobs
24. In which state is the national competition?
25. At nationals:
The Clovers come in first, the Toros don't make the finals
The Toros come in first, the Clovers don't make the finals
The Clovers come in first, the Toros finish second
The Toros come in first, the Clovers finish second

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