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How Well Do You Know: Beetlejuice
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1. Jane is a annoying lady who comes over to Adam and Barbara's house to try and get them to move. What is the reason she gives them, why they should sell their home?
They could really use the money
So they can move closer to Adam's job
Because they have no children
The house is too small for them
2. What is the actual cause of Adam and Barbara's death?
A dog
A car accident with another car
A crumbling bridge
Road conditions
3. Adam has trouble following the handbook for the recently deceased. He complains that it reads like:
VCR instructions
A car manual
A college textbook
Stereo instructions
4. Otho is Delia's good friend and:
Personal stylist
Interior designer
Hair dresser
5. Every time Adam and Barbara step out of their house, deadly creatures come after them. What are they?
Sand worms
Man eating spiders
Killer leeches
two-headed snakes
6. What does Delia do for a living?
She's a painter
She's a caterer
She's a sculptor
She's an interior designer
7. Charles Deetz had a successful job, until he had a nervous breakdown - hence his reason for moving to a small town. What did Charles use to do for a living?
He was an architect
He sold real estate
He was a stock broker
He was a lawyer
8. Following the handbook's guidelines: "In case of an emergency:"
Call out for help
Knock two times
Cut out a hole
Draw a door
9. Otho and Delia go through the house evaluating its condition. What do they do to each room?
Rip down wall paper
Throw out the furniture
Mark the walls with spray paint
Make marks on the floor
10. Adam and Barbara find themselves in the deceased waiting room, waiting for their caseworker. There are lots of strange dead people in their. What kind of death is NOT represented?
A man who had a anvil fall on his head
A magician's assistant who was sawed in half
A man who choked on a bone
A snorkeler with a shark attached to him
11. Adam and Barbara get a new idea on how to scare the Deetz's. How do they attempt to scare them?
Move furniture around
Walk around in sheets
Pound on the walls and ceiling
Rattle chains
12. Adam and Barbara interview Beetlejuice, to see if he's qualified for the job. What movie does he cite as one he's seen 167 times - and it keeps getting funnier every time he sees it?
The Omen
The Amityville Horror
The Exorcist
13. In the famous dinner dance scene, besides being made to dance, the dinner guests are attacked by:
Cornish hens
14. Much to Adam and Barbara's dismay. the dinner guest like the dancing. One guest remarks, "I didn't even know I could do the:"
15. Beetlejuice attacks the Deetzs in the form of what creature?
A beetle
A scorpion
A spider
A snake
16. What kind of place of business popped up on Adam's model, much to the delight of Beetlejuice?
A strip club
A whorehouse
A bar
A dance club
17. Juno is in her office surrounding by dead _____ who are unaware of their death.
A hockey team
Construction workers
Football players
Fashion models
18. Lydia is tired of life and plans on killing herself by:
Jumping off a bridge
Hanging herself
Drinking poison
Cutting her wrist
19. Lydia says to Otho, "What am I worried about, you can't even _____."
Load a dishwasher
Screw in a light bulb
Work the oven
Change a tire
20. Otho says to Delia before the seance, "I'll be needing something personal of theirs." What does Delia get that belongs to Adam and Barbara?
Their wedding clothes
Their prom dress and suit
Their pajamas
Their wedding bands
21. Beetlejuice agrees to help Adam and Barbara only if Lydia agrees to do what?
Live in the afterlife with him
Sleep with him
Live with him
Marry him
22. Beetlejuice punishes Otho with what type of outfit?
A burgundy suit with ruffles
A plaid jacket with matching pants
A blue leisure suit
A white jump suit
23. Lydia's parents can't come to her aid when Beetlejuice is trying to marry her. What does Beetlejuice conjure up to hold them hostage?
The house plants
Delia's sculptures
The kitchen chairs
Creatures from the afterlife
24. Beetlejuice pisses off a man in the deceased waiting room. What happens to Beetlejuice?
His whole body gets shrunk
He gets a shrunken head
He's head grows very large
He gets beat up
25. The music of this artist plays throughout the entire movie, possessing them to dance and sing:
Harry Belafonte
Tony Martin
Mario Lanza
Bo Diddley

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