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How Well Do You Know: Casper
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1. Carrigan was disappointed about not receiving a large inheritance after the death:
Her husband
Her father
Her uncle
Her grandfather
2. Attempting to get the ghost out of the mansion, Carrigan calls each of the following, except:
A medium
A priest
A ghostbuster
A demolition crew
3. Carrigan decides to hire James Harvey. What kind of profession is James in?
Family doctor
4. To which state do Kat and Dr. Harvey drive to meet Carrigan?
Rhode Island
5. On the first night in their new home, Kat and Dr. Harvey meet Casper and his rowdy uncles. What weapon do they use to get rid of the mean uncles for the night?
A vacuum
A mop and bucket
A iron
Bug spray
6. Casper's crude uncles are: Fatso, Stretch and:
7. What does Casper think he's made of now, that he's a ghost?
Forgotten memories
That tingling feeling you get when your foot falls asleep
That prickly feeling that gives you goosebumps
Morning mist and night winds
8. At Kat's first day of school, the kids are stunned to hear she lives in a big creepy mansion. What is the name of the manor?
9. What is the real reason Dr. Harvey is so interested in studying ghosts?
He wants to prove there's life after death
He wants to become rich and famous
He wants to find out about heaven
He wants to see his dead wife again
10. Kat offers only one complaint about Casper. What is it?
He's creepy looking
He feels weird
He's cold
He's annoying
11. Casper flies Kat to his favorite spot. Where does he take her?
The top of a skyscraper
The top of a lighthouse
The top of a mountain
A high cliff
12. Casper gives Kat insight on what it's like being a ghost. He says to her, "When you're a ghost:"
Life doesn't matter anymore
You realize how precious life is
You really appreciate your family
You miss the feeling of living
13. How did Casper die as a human being?
He contracted smallpox
He fell out of a tree
He fell through the ice on a frozen pond
He got sick from getting too cold
14. Casper gives Kat a ride on his father's machine. What is the machine called?
Good Morning Maker
Early Bird
Up and Add Em
Rise and Shine
15. How is Carrigan killed?
She falls off the balcony
She runs into a tree
She falls off a cliff
She is crushed by a huge rock
16. Finish Dibbs' remark about Carrigan's death. "What a tragic waste, she had my _____."
Favorite sunglasses
Best gloves
17. Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch decide to take Dr. Harvey out for a boys night out. Where do they take him?
A night club
To play pool
A karaoke bar
18. Dr. Harvey is killed while hanging out with Casper's uncles. How is Dr. Harvey killed?
He falls off a construction site
He gets electrocuted
He falls off the roof
He walks in front of a bus
19. Carrigan's ghost gets mad at Dibbs for backstabbing her and kills him. How does Carrigan kill Dibbs?
Hits him with a axe
She throws him out of a window
Pushes him over a cliff
Runs him over with her car
20. Vic and Amber decide to try and scare everyone at Kat's Halloween party. What were they going to do?
Shut the power off
Make scary sounds
Pretend to be ghosts
Play dead
21. Fatso, Stretch and Stinkie made a deal with Dr. Harvey. If he keeps Carrigan away from them, they would do what for him in return?
Find his wife
Let him experience being a ghost
Let him live in Whipstaff in peace
Show him the treasure
22. What is in Casper's treasure box?
A photograph
Gold coins
A teddy bear
A baseball
23. Casper gets his wish and gets turned into a real boy again. He will turn back into a ghost and the stroke of:
9:00 pm
10:00 pm
11:00 pm
24. Dr. Harvey gets a life lesson on raising Kat from his wife's ghost. She mentions to him, "________ is not a breakfast food."
French fries
25. While kissing Kat, Casper turns from being a human boy back into being a ghost. Everybody at the party stares at him and he answers by saying what?
Great party

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