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How Well Do You Know: Pet Sematary
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1. The Creed family is moving into their new house, and bratty Elle is already starting drama. How does she get injured when they first arrive at their new home?
She falls on the loose pavement
She trips walking up the stairs
She falls from a tire swing
She gets stung by a bee
2. Missy, who seems to be the Creeds' laundry maid, teaches Elle a word her parents hate. What naughty word did she teach Elle?
3. How is Victor Pascow killed?
He falls from the roof
He is shot in the head
IN a motorcycle accident
He is hit by a car
4. Victor comes to Louis in a dream and warns him not to cross the barrier. He goes on to tell him, "the ground is:"
5. The actor playing Jud, the Creed's neighbor, is best known from what classic TV show?
The Addams Family
The Munsters
Green Acres
The Beverly Hillbillies
6. The scary Indian burial ground was built by what type of Indians?
7. Jud explains to Louis, "A man's heart is:"
8. Jud tells Louis about his dog Spot. What did Jud's dog originally die from?
He was hit by a car
He got attacked by a wolf
He got tangled in barb wire
Old age
9. Elle's cat Church has been "reborn," unbeknown to her. As far as Elle knows, the only thing wrong with Church now is what?
He's not as friendly
He stinks
He's dirty
His eyes glow
10. How does Missy kill herself?
She overdoses
She slits her wrist
She jumps off a bridge
She hangs herself
11. Zelda, Rachel's deranged, sister died from what?
From her disease
12. Okay, how well were you paying attention? What is the name of the truck company, that drives past the Creed's house every hour?
13. Poor Gage. What did he chase into the street while his parents were busy ignoring him?
A butterfly
A bunny
A kite
A ball
14. Rachel's dad has no funeral manners. Besides taking a swing at Louis, he:
Knocks over Gage's casket
Breaks a vase
Rips up Gage's flowers
Throws a chair
15. To which city are Rachel and Elle going after Gage's death?
St. Louis
16. Who does Jud blame for Gage's death?
The truck company
Pet Sematary
17. Jud tells Louis the story about Timmy Baterman, whose father brought him back to life. How was Timmy re-killed?
He was pushed over a cliff
He was shot
By fire
He was beaten
18. What weapon does the undead Gage decide to use on people?
A steak knife
A hammer
A ice pick
A scalpel
19. Jud, who knows Gage is probably dangerous, decides to follow him up the stairs anyways. How does the boy kill Jud?
By biting out his throat
By stabbing him in the eye
By slicing him with the scalpel
By shoving a pencil in his ear
20. Gage's scary threat when he calls his dad is, "I want to ____ you, daddy."
Show something to
Play with
See you
21. Right before Louis kills Church, he say to him, "It's _______ for cats."
22. What weapon does Louis use to kill Church and Gage?
A scalpel
A gun
A syringe
23. Where does Louis find his dead wife in Jud's house?
Hanging from the attic
Under the bed
In the closet
In the bath tub
24. What was Louis doing when his undead wife walked back into their kitchen?
Washing dishes
Looking at a photo album
Playing solitaire
Doing a puzzle
25. Stephen King usually tries to sneak a cameo in his movies. What role did Stephen King play in Pet Sematary?
Funeral director
Airplane pilot
Truck driver

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