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How Well Do You Know: Se7en
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1. When David arrives at the fat man's murder, he is very vocal about the bad police work. What is David so mad about?
Nobody checked the fat man's vitals
The police officers are touching everything
He is worried about keeping the intergity of the scene
The body has been moved prior to the coroner's arrival
2. David is furious that Somerset doesn't take him serious. He says, "I wasn't guarding the local ____."
Dunkin Donuts
Burger King
Taco Bell
3. Eli Gould was what kind of lawyer?
4. Somerset found the word "gluttony" written in _____ behind the fat man's refrigerator.
5. The movie Se7en has a ominous feeling throughout the film. Which atmospheric element sets the tone for the whole movie?
It's always raining
The wind is always blowing hard
It's always night
There's always a mist
6. Somerset is offended that when he goes to the library, the security guards are:
Reading books
Playing poker
Telling obsene jokes
7. Somerset gives David 11th grade Cliffs Notes to what reading material?
Great Expectations
Catcher in the Rye
Canterbury Tales
The Invisible Man
8. David's wife Tracy asks Somerset about his first name. What is Somerset's first name?
9. Somerset confesses to Tracy that he's never:
Without his gun
Gotten use to the sight of guns
Had to pull out his gun
Killed a man
10. What does Somerset find hilarious about David and Tracy's apartment?
It shakes because of its proximity to trains
The neighbors play loud music
It's noisy because it's by the airport
The lights flicker off and on
11. Eli Gould was instructed to remove a pound of what?
12. What do the fingerprints behind the painting in Eli's office say?
Find me
Come and get me
Who am I
Help me
13. The real killer pretends to be what at Victor's crime scene?
A emt
A photographer
A reporter
A cop
14. Tracy asks Somerset to breakfast, and confesses a secret to him. What deep dark secert does Somerset tell her?
He pressured his girlfriend to have an abortion
He use to be a bad alcoholic
He was an abusive husband once
He's gay
15. Finish David's rant about the killer, "Just because he's got a library card doesn't make him ___."
A genius
16. David and Somerset meet a man at a restaurant for FBI information. The man, in turns, steals David's lunch. What does the man take?
A meatball sub
A grilled cheese
17. David chases the killer from an apartment building, until the killer strikes the detective with a tire iron. Where was the killer hiding when he strikes?
Behind a door
Behind a dumpster
On top of a truck
Under a truck
18. David says to Somerset at John Doe's apartment, "You're right, he's:" ____."
19. David finds evidence of John Doe's next crime in John's apartment. He finds a picture of a hooker and a receipt to what kind of shop?
Army surplus
20. Somerset and David sit in a bar discussing the case. Somerset tells David, "People don't want a hero, they want to _______."
Go to the movies, eat pizza and drink beer
Eat cheeseburgers, watch TV and play the lotto.
Be on a game show, become rich and buy a new car
Watch TV, eat ice cream and go to bed
21. John Doe kills a woman and writes Pride above her bed. How does he disfigure the woman?
Cuts out an eye
Cuts her face off
Cuts off her nose
Cuts off her lips
22. Somerset says to David in the locker room, "If John Doe's head splits open and _________ flies out, I want you to have expected it."
A snake
The devil
23. "I didn't do that." What is laying dead by the side of the road, which John DIDN'T kill?
A raccoon
A deer
A dog
A cat
24. Okay, the big moment of truth: What is in the box?
Tracy's head
A foot
Somebody's hands
A bomb
25. At the end of the film, Morgan Freeman gives us a great voiceover as only he can. Which famous writer does he quote?
Ralph Emerson
Walt Whitman
Ernest Hemingway
William Shakespeare

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