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How Well Do You Know: Happy Feet
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How Well Do You Know: Happy Feet: where are the answers?????
Betty 5/26/13 2:49 am


1. Mumble's birth was notable in that:
Hatched before any of the other chicks
Both his mother and father were gone
He was the last to hatch
He was born during a bitter snowstorm
2. The name of the special song that the penguins sing is called:
3. While Mumble shows an early proclivity to dance, his singing voice:
Is really bad
Is actually quite good
Sounds exactly like his father's
Is not heard early on, as he's mute
4. Memphis feels guilty about his son's voice, because:
When he was a young penguin, he, too was afflicted with a bad singing voice
He doesn't think that he sang enough to Mumble when he hatched
He dropped the egg before Mumble was born
He has encouraged Mumble's dancing
5. At their first meeting, the big bird Boss Skua tells Mumble at length about:
The dangers facing a young penguin
The importance of being yourself
Singing being vastly overrated
His experience being abducted by aliens
6. Mumble escapes the big birds at their first meeting:
By falling into a crevice
When Gloria scares them off
When he tells the about a secret spot that always has abundant fish
When a walrus appears
7. Mumble and Gloria share their first dance, of sorts:
During a blinding blizzard
While no music plays on the soundtrack
While swimming
During a day-into-night-into-day montage
8. In a pretty darned cool scene, Gloria leads the other penguins in this song as the sky is lit by the aurora:
(I've Had) The Time of My Life
Somebody to Love
Love is a Battlefield
Over the Rainbow
9. Having set off on an ice floe, Mumble is attacked by:
A walrus
Skua and his posse
A killer whale
A leopard seal
10. Mumble meets Ramon and the Amigos, who _________________ the seal:
Are much larger than
Are friends with
Are terrified of
11. Mumble sees a large piece of digging equipment:
Sinking into the ocean
A few miles from the emperor penguin encampment
Scooping up fish from the ocean
Chasing after leopard seals
12. Lovelace will answer your question, for payment of:
A fish
A song
A dance
A pebble
13. Lovelace has this around his neck:
A necklace of shells
Plastic six-pack rings
A lei
A necklace of fish bones
14. When Mumble returns to his breed, he "sings" to Gloria as Ramon provides the voice for this song:
The Way You Look Tonight
Eternal Flame
My Way
15. The elders blame the disorder brought about by Mumble for:
Lack of daylight
The shortage of food
Large number of predators hunting the penguins
Low number of chicks born
16. After being chastised by the elders and after Memphis reveals that he dropped the egg, Mumble leaves:
By himself
With the Amigos
With Gloria
With the Amigos and Gloria
17. The next time that Mumble meets Lovelace, the guru:
Is choking
Is romancin' the ladies
Is fleeing a killer whale
Is guarding his nest
18. Mumble, Lovelace and the Amigos more learn about the aliens from this type of seal:
Harbor seals
Elephant seals
Harp seals
Monk seals
19. Mumble's plan for dealing with strangers through the film - suggested to him by Skua - is:
To look for the best in everyone
To hear everyone's unique song
To tell just enough of the truth to get by
To appeal to their better nature
20. The gang comes across killer whales as they meet up with Lovelace:
At the fishing grounds
At a buoy
Sailing the ocean on an ice floe
Cruising through undersea caverns
21. Mumble's first close contact with the aliens comes when he sees:
Humans departing an abandoned arctic station
A fishing boat
A scientific ship
Humans performing experiments on the ice
22. Mumble winds up in human hands:
When he is caught in a fishing net
When he is washed up on shore
When he is captured by a scientific expedition
When he is frozen in a block of ice
23. After months in captivity, Mumble loses his mind, and only recovers his dancing:
When a little girl taps on the glass
When he sees a vision of his family
When he hears music playing
When he dreams of Gloria
24. Mumbles finally convinces the others of the existence of the aliens when a _________ arrives:
Icebreaker ship
25. The same actor provides the voice for these two characters in the film:
Norma Jean and Gloria
Ramon and Lovelace
Memphis and Mumble
The elder and Boss Skua

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