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How Well Do You Know: Cinderella
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It was so much fun, matching memories against the computer
kay 6/13/13 6:07 pm


1. Anastasia and Drizella are Cinderella's:
2. When we first see Cinderella interacting with animals in the movie,
She is singing to them
They are waking her
She is sewing clothes for them
Making a breakfast of juice, cheese and bread crumbs for them
3. According to Cinderella, a dream is:
A wish your heart makes
A mirror into happiness
Hope for tomorrow
Medicine for heartbreak
4. Jaq the mouse tells Cinderella there is a new mouse in a trap. Cinderella rescues the mouse, who she names ____________, or Gus for short:
5. The movie features two natural rivals, a dog and a cat named:
Pierre and Shelob
Rex and Lilith
Bruno and Lucifer
Old John and Santana
6. The step-mother's surname is:
van Rooten
7. Lucifer traps Gus _________, and Cinderella inadvertently brings Gus into her step-sister's room.
Under a tea cup
In a tea kettle
In a basket of laundry
In a sandwich
8. The King's primary reason for seeing the Prince married seems to be:
Stability for the kingdom
He wants grandchildren
So that the Prince will take his position seriously
So the Prince will be happy
9. The Duke is charged with organizing a ball, which will coincide with:
The Prince's birthday
The King's birthday
The kingdom's independence day
The Prince's return to the kingdom
10. As she scrubs the floor, Cinderella sings a song about what type of bird?
Blue bird
11. The invitation to the ball is delivered to the house. Cinderella must interrupt the step-sisters' _____________ to give the invitation to her step-mother.
Dance recital
Bath time
Music lesson
Poetry reading
12. The step-mother says that Cinderella can go to the ball - but includes this highly conditional word:
13. Jaq and Gus raid Anastasia and Drizella's room primarily for these items for Cinderella's gown:
Chiffon and a broach
Thread and fabric
Sash and beads
Earrings and tulle
14. How is Cinderella's gown destroyed?
Anastasia trips her into the mud
The step-sisters tear it to threads
Lucifer tear it to threads
The step-mother tears it to threads
15. Where does Cinderella have her encounter with her fairy godmother?
In her bedroom
In the cellar
Out in the courtyard
On the road to the castle
16. The fairy godmother primarily wears:
17. This garden product becomes the carriage:
A watermelon
A tomato
A pumpkin
A honeydew
18. Which of the following is not one of the transformations that the fairy godmother makes:
The mice become the horses
The horses becomes the coachman
Bruno becomes the footman
Lucifer becomes the navigator
19. "On the stroke of ________ the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before."
20. Prior to Cinderella's arrival, the ball has left the Prince quite:
21. At the ball, the Prince and Cinderella dance to this song:
So This Is Love
Some Day My Prince Will Come
Once Upon a Dream
One Gift
22. The step-mother realizes that Cinderella was the girl that the Prince met at the ball, because:
She sees Cinderella with the glass slipper
She hears Cinderella singing a song played at the ball
She see bits of pumpkin on Cinderella's dress
She recognizes Cinderella's hair style as it she wore it at the ball
23. Cinderella is locked in her room. The mice launch a mission to steal back the key to her room, which is located:
In the step-mother's pocket
Under Lucifer's pillow
Up Drizella's sleeve
Under Anastasia's bonnet
24. The glass slipper the Duke brings is destroyed when it:
Cracks on Drizella's foot
Is thrown out a window
Is smashed on the floor
Is crushed under Lucifer
25. Who has the fewest speaking lines in the film?
The King
The Prince

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