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How Well Do You Know: Covert Affairs Season 2 Recap, Part 1
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1. "Begin the Begin": The episode begins with Annie and Ben in a hospital in:
Washington, DC
US Virgin Islands
2. "Begin the Begin": Annie interacts with an Estonian:
Tennis player
Soccer player
3. "Begin the Begin": The CIA brought in men disguised as _________ to do a security sweep of Annie's sister house;
Carpet cleaners
Cable repairmen
4. "Good Advices": Who has jury duty during this episode?
5. "Good Advices": In Paris, Eyal Lavin (Oded Fehr) chases the murderer of an asset:
Through an art gallery
On an airport tarmac
On rooftops
In a subway station
6. "Good Advices": Brushing up against her in a bar as she is going to the ladies' room, Lavin steals this from Annie:
A GPS locator
A camera card
A NOC list on a thumb drive
An earpiece
7. "Bang and Blame": Annie has to get to the bottom of the burning of a trainee, after her identity was posted on a ________ message board:
Motor sports
Pet care
Entertainment stock market game
8. "Bang and Blame": Annie confronts the person who leaked the trainee's identity as they are about to:
Go spelunking
Take a citizenry oath
Appear on national television
9. "All the Right Friends": The episode concerned a spy exchange gone wrong, as Annie and a/n _________ spy came under fire at the exchange site in ________:
German / Egypt
French / Turkey
Pakistani / Greece
Italian / Argentina
10. "All the Right Friends": Auggie is offered a job with:
Intelligence Oversight Committee
Department of Covert Operations
Diplomatic Intelligence Agency
Office of Congressional Affairs
11. "Around the Sun": The relationship between Annie and Reva, Auggie's replacement, gets off to a rocky start when:
Reva almost runs over Annie in the parking lot
Reva won't hold the elevator for Annie
Reva accuses Annie of being a mole
Reva steals Annie's purse
12. "Around the Sun": Annie states that, for her mission to investigate a leak in NASA, she'll be aided by the fact that:
Her father was an astronaut
She majored in astronomy
She's never missed a space shuttle launch
She went to Space Camp
13. "Around the Sun": Annie makes the female operative who turned the NASA official as she is:
At a street fair
Out jogging
At a baseball game
At an antique art show
14. "The Outsiders": Annie and Reva are captured while planting cameras in this eastern European country:
Czech Republic
15. "The Outsiders": Annie is able to get the drop on her guards by:
Flirting with them
Poisoning their food
Drinking with them
Sleeping with one of them
16. "The Outsiders": Looking for stickers for her daughters, Annie's sister finds _________ in Annie's guest house:
Her CIA credentials
Foreign currency
Her guns
Her passport
17. "Half a World Away": Throughout this episode, Auggie is aided by a woman. The woman is a:
Travel reporter
Cultural attache
18. "Half a World Away": We learn that Auggie is the recipient of:
Presidential Medal of Freedom
Bronze Star
Purple Heart
Congressional of Honor
19. "Welcome to the Occupation": Annie's mountainclimbing excursion is interrupted with news of a a Mexico City kidnapping. With whom was Annie climbing with?
Her sister
The doctor she met earlier in the episode
20. "Welcome to the Occupation": One of the hostages is a deep-cover CIA operative who has the closest previous ties to:
21. "Sad Professor": At the beginning of the episode, Annie has to lose a tail. Who is tailing Annie?
Annie's sister
FSB Counter Intelligence
An Israeli intelligence officer
Eyal Lavin
22. "Sad Professor": The episode concerns the death of a covert operative, who was Annie's ___________ professor:
23. "Sad Professor": A highly sought-after microdot was located on a piece of paper on which ____________ were written:
Wedding vows
A soup recipes
Song lyrics
Landscape designs
24. "World Leader Pretend": Annie makes contact with Chinese defector by presenting a business card with half of a __________ design:
25. "World Leader Pretend": Joan and Annie were ordered not to investigate the radioactive poisoning of the defector through an order from:
Arthur's office
Department of Defense
The State Department
The CIA director

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