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How Well Do You Know: The Lincoln Lawyer
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1. Why does Mick Haller have Earl drive him around?
He permanently lost his license
He never learned to drive
He hates to drive
He temporarily lost his license
2. At the beginning of the film, Haller sorta extorts money from a biker gang, claiming that he needs to:
Bribe a judge
Fly in an expert witness
Arrange for bail
Buy a new suit for the trial
3. Louis Roulet and his mother are primarily involved in:
Stock trading
Real estate
4. We see Haller trick the Roulet family lawyer into thinking that they are drawing attention from the press. What is the name of the man who Mick gets to act as a cameraman?
5. How does Haller come to be Louis's lawyer?
Louis insisted
Haller said he'd take the case for free
Haller had worked with the family lawyer before
Haller had defended Louis's cousin previously
6. Mick's license plate reads:
7. The name of the bar at which Reggie Campo met Louis is:
The Association
The Diamond Exchange
8. According to Louis, once he was in Reggie Campo's apartment, she hit him with:
A lamp
A bottle of booze
The butt of a revolver
A baseball bat
9. The "other guy" from the bar and Reggie's apartment who may or may not have been involved in the assault(s) is identified as driving a:
10. Mick realizes that he has been given a "stacked deck." Which part of the discovery file given to him has been falsified?
A statement from a policeman not present at the scene
A photo of a different woman - not Reggie Campo
Fingerprints identified as Louis's that are not his
A photo of a knife different than what was actually used in the crime
11. Mick realizes a link to an earlier case, involving one Donna Renteria, when he notices:
The model of car driven by both women
That the women were are the same bar before they were assaulted
The presence of the Mustang man coinciding with the assaults
The same pattern of injuries to the face
12. Jesus Martinez has been in jail for killing Donna Renteria:
Despite Mick's best efforts during the trial
Because Mick talked him into pleading guilty
Because Mick put up a very lackluster defense
Because Louis had frightened him into pleading guilty
13. What is Reggie Campo's occupation?
She's a drug dealer
She's a prostitute
She's a cleaning woman
She's a porn star
14. Mick is surprised - somewhat - to find that Louis has broken into his house. He is also surprised - somewhat - to hear Louis:
Vowing to kill Reggie Campo
Admitting to killing Donna Renteria
Vowing to kill Frank
Admitting to bribing the judge in the Reggie Campo case
15. Where is Mick when he finds out that Frank has been killed?
At his daughter's soccer game
In court
On his way to Frank's house
16. The gun that killed Frank is identified as a Woodsman. Who owns the Woodsman?
Louis's mother
17. Mick is able to contact Dwayne Corliss, the courtroom snitch pivotal to the case, because:
Dwayne is Earl's cousin
He is in the same rehab center as one of Mick's clients
He was testifying in another of Mick's cases
He bribed a guard where Corliss is being held
18. "You're dying the death of _________ up there and you don't even know it."
A wounded coyote
A strung-out pimp
A thousand razors
19. According to Corliss the snitch, Louis had boasted that he had killed another woman who had a distinctive tattoo of a:
Lightning bolt
20. Toward the end of the trial, Mick instructs this person to enter the courtyard at a specific time:
Donna Renteria
The head of the biker gang
His secretary
21. What is the outcome of Louis's case?
Dismissed charges
Directed verdict
Hung jury
Acquitted by jury
22. Mick leaves Louis in the hands of the bikers. Mick's instructions are:
That Louis should never be found
Hospital, not the morgue
Make him look like the women he beat
Make him bleed, but not bleed out
23. What lets Mick finally tie Louis to the Donna Renteria crime?
Blood samples
A traffic camera
A prison guest sign-in sheet
A parking ticket
24. We ultimately find out that this person killed Frank:
Louis's mother
The Roulet family lawyer
Reggie Campo
25. The film was based on a book of the same name by which legal thriller author?
John Grisham
Michael Connelly
Steve Martini
Brad Metzler

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