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How Well Do You Know: Fright Night
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1. Young Charley Brewster is a fan of which genre of movies?
Science fiction
Classic comedies
Horror, naturally
2. In the first scene and Charley and Amy share, what is the source of tension?
Amy thinks Charley moves too fast
Charley is distracted by what's going on in the yard next door
While making out, Charley has bitten Amy on the neck
Charley is bothered by Amy's gossiping
3. What is the name of the show that Peter Vincent hosts?
Fright Night Lights
Fright Night Terrors
Fright Night Review
Fright Night Theater
4. Evil is the nickname of Charley's somewhat obnoxious friend. What's his real name?
5. A TV report states that a woman - who Charley met outside his house the night before - is missing. The report identifies the woman as a:
Teacher at Charley's school
6. Charley meets Billy, Jerry Dandridge's protector/live-in carpenter, who is making what unusual modification to the house?
Burying long wooden boxes under a window
Blacking out windows with paint
Installing a trap door under the front porch
Installing a moat around the house
7. When Charley gets is first good glimpse at Jerry, Charley notices this physical feature:
Really long fingernails
Very long hair
Weird tattoos on his back
Pointy ears
8. Charley brings Detective Lennox to Jerry's house, and insist they they search:
Jerry's bedroom
The living room
The basement
The attic
9. Charley enlists Evil's help for:
His baseball card collection
A date with Amy
Dibs on first crack at his Halloween candy
10. During the initial scene of Home Invasion: Vampire Style, we see that Jerry has gained access to:
Amy's room
Evil's room
Charley's room
Charley's mother's room
11. During their first altercation, how is Charley able to fight off Jerry?
With a pencil
With holy water
With a cross
With a picture of Amy
12. Where does Charley first meet Peter Vincent?
In a hospital
In a movie theater
At a drive-in theater
On a studio lot
13. After Peter Vincent rebuffs Charley, who goes to Peter's house to convince him to help?
Amy alone
Amy and Charley's mother
Amy and Evil
Charley's mother alone
14. What does Peter Vincent bring to Jerry's to test whether or not he is a vampire?
Holy water
A cross
A stake
15. A _______ makes Peter realize the horrifying truth about Jerry:
16. Evil falls prey to Jerry as he __________ alone:
Crosses a cemetery
Runs through a parking lot
Breaks into Jerry's house
Walks down an alleyway
17. Peter brands Evil with a cross by touching him:
On his forehead
On his neck
On his hand
Over his heart
18. What does Jerry seduce and ultimately abduct Amy?
In her bedroom
In a nightclub
In a police station
In a cemetery
19. Charley and Peter gain access to Jerry's house:
Through a cellar door
Through a window
By smuggling themselves in coffins
Through the front door, which magically swings open for them
20. Peter and Charley both have crosses. Which, if either, has an effect on Jerry initially?
Both do
Only Peter's does
Only Charley's does
Neither does
21. Why doesn't Peter's cross work?
It hasn't been blessed
Peter doesn't have any faith
Crosses only work if wielded by the spiritually pure
He holds it upside down
22. Peter slays Evil when the vampire teenager appears in the form of:
A bat
A raven
A wolf
23. Billy is hard to kill, but Charley finally does with:
A stake
A gun
An axe
24. Billy dissolves into __________ goo:
25. Ultimately, Jerry is killed by:
Holy water
A stake

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