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How Well Do You Know: Dumbo
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1. The film begins with the narration: Through the snow, and sleet, and hail / Through the blizzard, through the gale / Through the wind and through the rain / Over mountain, over plain / Through the blinding lightning flash / And the mighty thunder crash / Ever faithful, ever true / Nothing stops him, he'll get through. What is being referenced here?
The circus train
The stork
Timothy the mouse
2. The storks descend upon what state to deliver the circus animals?
New York
3. Among the other circus babies, Jumbo Jr. is delivered:
With all the other elephants
To the wrong parent
4. What is the name of the engine of the circus train?
Tony Jr.
Bill Jr.
Jim John Jr.
Casey Jr.
5. Here's an easy one (like, miss this and you probably shouldn't continue with the quiz....): Upon Jumbo Jr.'s arrival, the other elephants remark on the baby's large:
6. Who renames Jumbo Jr. Dumbo?
Mrs. Jumbo
The train conductor
The stork
The other elephants
7. When the train stops, the main job of the elephants is:
Setting up the circus tent
Unloading the train
Carrying water for the circus
Keeping the clowns occupied
8. What causes Mrs. Jumbo to go berserk, resulting in her being place in solitary confinement?
Dumbo is being harassed by the other animals
Dumbo is being harassed by kids
She is scared by Timothy the mouse
A fire starts in the circus tent
9. The Ringmaster has an idea about a pachyderm pyramid, but can't figure out how to top off the trick. How does he eventually get the idea to top off the pyramid with a flag-waving Dumbo?
His wife suggests it
He sees a circus poster
He sees Dumbo act it out
Timothy whispers in his ear while he's asleep
10. The pyramid ends in disaster when:
Timothy scares the other elephants
Dumbo trips over his ears
The elephants collapse because the Ringmaster won't stop talking
The clowns scare the elephants
11. The end result of the pyramid trick is:
The Ringmaster dies
The circus tent collapses
The circus tent catches fire
One of the elephants dies
12. After the pyramid debacle, the other elephants vow:
That Dumbo is no longer an elephant
To help Dumbo regain his honor
To free Mrs. Jumbo
To get revenge on the Ringmaster
13. Dumbo's punishment is:
He cannot leave the circus train
He is imprisoned with the his mother
He is made a clown
He must leave the circus
14. The song that plays as Dumbo is briefly reunited with his mother is:
A Mother's Song
Beautiful Dreamer
Baby Mine
You Are My Sunshine
15. Dumbo and Timothy accidentally get drunk from a tub of water with alcohol in it. Why was the alcohol present?
The alcohol was accidentally spilled into the water
The clowns deliberately spiked the water
Timothy misread the label, thinking he was adding medicine to the water
The Ringmaster deliberately spiked the water
16. Dumbo and Timothy start to see imaginary elephants in:
The stars
The clouds
Formations of birds
Bubbles that Dumbo blows
17. What color are the elephants in the song "__________ Elephants on Parade"?
18. In the morning, Dumbo and Timothy awaken:
In an alley
In a lake
In Mrs. Jumbo's cage
In a tree
19. The idea of the "magic feather" which will enable Dumbo to fly originally comes from:
Dumbo himself
The clowns
The crows
20. For his final trick in which he flies, Dumbo leaps from a structure resembling:
An alpine mountain
A burning building
The Empire State building
A forest of trees

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