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How Well Do You Know: Memento
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1. Where in California is Leonard Shelby from?
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Barbara
Santa Clara
2. What is the very first scene in the movie?
Leonard talks with the hotel manager, Burt
Leonard has shot Teddy and takes a picture
Leonard is talking on the phone in his room
Leonard and Teddy drive to the abandoned building
3. Who is Natalie's boyfriend?
John Gammell
Jack Gaines
Ted Nugent
Jimmy Grants
4. Who does Leonard talk to on the phone in his hotel room?
5. What note does Leonard find taped to his thigh?
Kill him
Buy ice
Drug dealer
6. What is tattooed on Leonard's left hand?
I am Leonard Shelby
He is the One
Remember Sammy Jankis
Fact 3: First name John or James
7. What does Natalie do to test whether Leonard's condition is real or not?
Spits in his drink
Strips for him
Calls his wife foul words
Beats herself up
8. What is Leonard doing when Dodd comes home?
Using the toilet
Writing another note
Taking a shower
9. What is in the trunk of Jimmy's car?
Dirty chainsaw
Drug money
A dead body
Packages of cocaine
10. What does Teddy try to convince Leonard to write down, but he doesn't write it?
Natalie is not trustful
Jimmy killed my wife
Dodd is a cop
Teddy is a friend
11. Which of these is NOT one of the items that Leonard asks the hooker to arrange around the room for him?
12. What medical condition did Sammy Jankis' wife have?
13. Natalie leaves Leonard a note to come by what bar that she works at?
City Grill
Ferdy's Bar
Summerset Inn
14. What room number does Leonard originally stay in at the hotel?
15. What was Sammy Jankis' profession before he got hurt and lost his memory?
Middle school teacher
16. What good advice does the hotel worker, Burt, have for Leonard?
Never pay cash
Write things down more often
Always get a receipt
Don't drink the water
17. Why does Teddy manipulate Leonard to kill Jimmy?
So Leonard would leave Teddy alone
To have a little fun
For the money
To get back at Natalie
18. Chronologically, after the hooker leaves, what does Leonard do next?
Meets with Natalie
Meets with Teddy
Goes to burn his wife's stuff
Gets into a chase with Dodd
19. Chronologically, what happens first in Memento?
Leonard goes to the bar to meet Natalie
Leonard meets Teddy at the hotel
Leonard answers the phone and explains the story of Sammy Jankis
Leonard wakes up in his hotel room
20. Memento received an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay and what else?
Best editing
Best art direction
Best cinematography

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