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How Well Do You Know: Crocodile Dundee
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1. Sue Charlton is a journalist for a:
Television show
Radio station
2. Sue goes on a search for Crocodile Dundee after hearing a story of how he:
Saved outback safari tourists from a croc attack
Was arrested for poaching
Set a world record for largest crocodile killed
Crawled back to civilization after being attacked by a crocodile
3. The safari operation that Walter Reilly runs is called:
Aussie Adventure
Far Outback
Bush Wonder
4. The town in which Sue meets Mick is called:
Walkabout Creek
Walkabout Desert
Walkabout Falls
Walkabout Lake
5. There's a man in the bar who challenges patrons to spill the beer balanced on his head. The man's name is:
6. Mick discloses that he once was married. When he came back from his walkabout, his wife was gone. How long was he away?
Six weeks
18 months
3 years
40 days
7. A large animal blocks the road. Mick exits his vehicle and more or less puts the animal asleep. What type of animal is it?
Water buffalo
8. During the night, Mick thwarts a bunch of drunks who are shooting:
9. During their travels, Sue and Mick are separated when:
They have a nasty fight
Sue wakes in the morning and Mick is gone
Sue is kidnapped by poachers
Mick infers that a woman can't survive alone in the bush
10. Mick saves Sue when a croc comes out of the water and grabs her ________ in its teeth:
Bathing suit
11. The second night, Sue sees something she's not supposed to. What does she witness?
Mick skinning a crocodile
A dance of tribesmen
Mick killing a poacher
Mick swimming in a pool of mineral water
12. Sue takes Mick to this large US city:
New York
Los Angeles
13. Mick has trouble with this modern convenience in the airport:
An elevator
An automatic door
An escalator
A restroom
14. ...but that's nothing compared to the confusion Mick faces when he encounters this in his hotel room:
The shower
The bidet
The telephone
The television
15. After taking a stroll through the city, Mick gets a ride back to his hotel from a:
Mounted policeman
Limo driver
16. Which is not true of the dinner that Sue and Mick have with Sue's editor/boyfriend Richard?
Richard is drunk
Mick belts Richard
Mick has trouble ordering from the menu, which is in Italian
Mick brandishes his knife
17. Out drinking in a bar, Mick chats up a woman who turns out to be:
A prostitute
An undercover policewoman
A man in drag
Sue's sister
18. As Mick washes himself and his clothes in the tub, Sue, pretending to be the maid, surprises him, calling him:
Crocodile Man
Senor Mick
Big Croc
Walkabout Mick
19. "You can live on it, but it tastes like s#!t" Sue says this to Mick, recalling something he told her in the outback, as she introduces him to this food:
A burrito
A hot dog
20. Mick thwarts a purse-snatching has he hits the criminal with:
His knife
A hubcap
A can of food
His shoe
21. At a party, Mick sees a man snorting a line of cocaine. Mick does this with the drug:
Throws it down the sink
Empties it into a bowl of hot water
Gives it to another partygoer
Stirs it into a martini
22. "That's not a knife. *That's* a knife." What does Mick do to the gang dude that tries to mug him and Sue?
Cuts his hand
Cuts his cheek
Cuts his jacket
Cuts his pants
23. At a dinner at her father's, Sue is caught off guard when:
She learns she's been fired
Richard proposes
Mick proposes
Mick says he has to return to Australia
24. Gus the limo driver saves Mick from getting jumped in an alley by a pimp and his gang. Gus takes out the last of the men with:
Mick's knife
The spoiler from the back of his limo
His limo
A trash can
25. Sue relays her love to Mick through a crowded subway platform. Which of the following is involved relaying the message?
A judge
A worker in a hardhat
A ballerina
A priest

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