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How Well Do You Know: Patriot Games
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1. The film begins with Jack Ryan making a phone call home from:
2. What was the name of Sean Miller's brother who Ryan kills?
3. Sean Miller makes this statement as he is being handcuffed:
Revenge will come
The Royals will die
I will kill yours
Help the boy
4. Kevin O'Donnell meets with a compatriot, Jimmy O'Reardon, who is:
Angry that the attack on the Royals took place at all
Furious that Patrick was killed
Angry that the plot did not go as planned
Somewhat pleased that Patrick died
5. Kevin is target by an assassination squad, who he dispatches, saying, "That's me ___________, Jimmy boy."
Settling affairs
Holding my temper
Putting things right
Being diplomatic
6. For his valor, Jack is knighted:
Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Distinguished Service Order
Order of the Companions of Honour
Knight Commander of the Victorian Order
7. Back in the States, Cathy Ryan has big news:
She's changing specialties
Sally has gotten into an elite private school
The offer for their dream house has been accepted
She's pregnant
8. The female member of Dennis and Sean's band, Annette, contacts Dennis Cooley who works in a:
Flower shop
Book store
Art gallery
9. Sean Miller escapes when the convoy transporting him was attacked:
While stopped for a passing train
While stopped at a drawbridge
After being barricaded by emergency vehicles
In an narrow alleyway
10. After his escape, Sean and the others take a ________ to _______
Plane / Cuba
Boat / the desert
Plane / the arctic
Boat / the US
11. Ryan attempts to resume his academic life as the returns to teaching at:
12. Robby Jackson presents Jack with a faux-medal that reads:
Next time, duck
Putting the "bull" in "bullseye"
Shoot me
Stay away from England
13. Jack survives an assassination attempt by a man who is wearing:
Priestly garb
A trench coat
White after Labor Day
14. Realizing Caroline is in danger, Jack tries to call her, but he can't get through at first because Cathy is on the phone:
Waiting on the results of a surgery
With Sally's school
Trying to reach Jack
With her OB/GYN
15. In the car accident, Sally lost:
Her appendix
A kidney
Her spleen
A leg
16. Sinn Fein figure Paddy O'Neil holds a most unwelcome press conference to denounce the attacks:
In Washington, DC
Outside the hospital where Sally is
At a church
In a cemetery
17. Jack has an epiphany about the a member of Sean Miller's gang when he meets a woman with:
No hair
Blond hair
Brunette hair
Red hair
18. this location:
A fast food restaurant
The women's room
A pool hall
A cafeteria
19. Sean Miller gets the news that all the Ryans survived the attack:
Before he leaves the US
In Northern Ireland
By phone
In a terrorist training camp
20. Jack has a rather gutsy face-to-face meeting with Paddy O'Neil:
In an Irish pub
In an dark alleyway
In a boxing gym
In a deserted parking lot
21. "Jack, do you have any idea how big a deal it is to ___________?"

Wipe out the entire IRA
Retask those satellites
Plant a mole in the Miller's camp
Kill an American on American soil
22. Paddy O'Neil makes an unexpected visit to Sally's hospital, where he wordlessly gives Jack a box that contains:
A teddy bear and a bullet
A Santa doll and a dossier
A shamrock and a single photo
A stuffed dolly and a map
23. _______ leads Dennis Cooley to realize he's been bugged:
Poor television reception
A van parked outside his shop
Smoking wiring
Static on the telephone
24. Who kills Dennis Cooley?
He kills himself
25. Lord Holmes's visit to the Ryan residence coincides with:
The Ryans' anniversary
Jack's birthday
Sally's birthday
Sally's homecoming
26. The turncoat in Holmes' camp turns out to be his secretary, a weaselly man named:
27. Jack's first clue that something is awry at his house is:
The secretary has gone missing
He hears gunfire
Holmes has been shot
The power goes out
28. As the siege on the house begins, Cathy and Sally are:
In the garage
29. What is the correct order in which the evildoers
  1. Sean
  2. Geoffrey
  3. Kevin
  4. Annette
die in the film?
D - B - C - A
C - B - D - A
B - C - D - A
C - A - B - D
By way of explanation.....
Sean kills Geoffrey in the cellar; Sean next kills Kevin, and then Annette, on the boat; Jack finally kills Sean
30. At the end of the film, the Ryan family has this important decision to make:
Whether or not Jack should rejoin the CIA full-time
Whether or not Cathy should give up her practice
Whether or not to adopt a dog
Whether or not to find out the gender of the baby

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