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How Well Do You Know: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
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1. Which Character has the first spoken lines of the movie?
Princess Leia
Grand Moff Tarkin
Darth Vader
2. Luke and his Uncle initially choose C-3PO and a red droid. What happens that makes them change their minds and take R2-D2 instead?
The red droid malfunctions
C-3PO recommends R2-D2
They don't like the price for the red droid
Another customer makes a better offer for the red droid
3. It's quite obvious Luke isn't happy on his homeworld. When C-3PO asks if he can do anything to help, Luke responds by each of the following, except:
Clone him
Teleport him off the planet
Speed up the harvest
Alter time
4. The last we see of Uncle Owen, he tells Aunt Beru that Luke needs to finish doing what?
Eating his dinner from last night
Completing his application to the Academy
Cleaning the droids
Fixing units on the South Ridge
5. According to Luke's uncle, his father held what position on a space freighter?
Communications Officer
Security Guard
6. Of the following, what does Ben NOT tell Luke about his father?
Darth Vader killed him
His father's name
Father was a Jedi Knight
Ben and Luke's father were good friends
7. Why do the two aliens bully Luke in the Mos Eisley Cantina?
Luke ordered the last of their favorite drink
They were drunk
They simply didn't like Luke
They were enforcing the "no droids" rule
8. Why is Han Solo in trouble with Jabba the Hutt?
For gambling debts
He dumped cargo when confronted by an Imperial Ship
He wrecked one of Jabba's ships
He tried to kill Jabba
9. Han's fee is 10000 credits. How much does Ben promise him?
10. Ben doesn't have the money, so what will he and Luke have to sell?
The farm
Luke's landspeeder
With the exception of the droids, all the machinery
Bens home
11. What did Leia recognize that told her that Tarkin was aboard the Death Star?
His voice
His stench
His footsteps
His taste in uniforms
12. Upon learning that Wookies have a habit of ripping arms off, what advice does C-3PO give R2-D2?
Let Chewie win
Reset the game
Play for a draw
Stop cheating
13. What does Ben describe as "a great disturbance in the if a million voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silent."
The death of most of the Jedi
The fight in the cantina
The destruction of Alderaan
The monsters in the Holographic game
14. After arriving at the detention center to rescue Princess Leia, what excuse do Han and Luke have for bringing Chewbacca with them?
Chewie is a spy with information for Vader
Prisoner transfer
15. Complete the quote: "Aren't you a little ________ for a Storm Trooper?"
16. Leia finds an escape route from the detention center. Where does it lead?
Sleeping quarters
Control room
Garbage compactor
Tarkin's conference room
17. Tarkin orders Leia be executed after learning she has done what?
Refused food brought to her
Stolen the plans for the Death Star
Lied about the Rebel Base location
Tried to escape
18. After Luke, Leia and Han escape the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon is engaged by how many TIE fighters?
19. Prior to attacking the death star, who is the friend Luke is reunited with?
20. What color attack group does Luke belong to?
21. The Death Star tractor beam is connected at 7 terminals to what?
Life support
The fuel station
Main reactor
22. Which of our heroes is attacked by a slug-like creature in the trash compactor?
23. Complete the Darth Vader quote: "When I left you, I was but the __________. Now I am the Master."
24. What are Tarkin's final on-screen words before Luke blows up the Death Star?
You may fire when ready
So much for the rebellion
Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.
25. What actor provided the voice for Darth Vader?
Charlton Heston
Orson Welles
James Earl Jones
Christopher Lee
26. Which of the following does Han NOT call Leia during the movie?
Your worshipfulness
27. What did Leia claim to know about Han when he and Luke return from destroying the Death Star?
The Force was with Han
Han would get lost
Han wanted to join the Rebellion
Han wasn't about the money
28. What is C-3PO's primary function?
Piloting a ship
29. What does an Imperial officer do that causes Vader to nearly choke him to death using the Force?
Failis to extract information from Leia
Shows a lack of faith in the Force
Threatening mutiny against Tarkin
Fails to recapture Leia
30. What is the opening text line for the movie?
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away
It is a time of desperation
A great power is about to resurface
The Empire is on the verge of total control

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