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1. At the beginning of the film, Eddie Morra toils as:
An accountant
A writer
An investment banker
A police detective
2. The name of the drug which is center stage in the film is:
3. .....and it is:
4. What is the relationship between Eddie and Vernon, the man who first supplied Eddie with the drug?
Former fraternity brothers
Former brothers-in-law
Former rugby teammates
Former next-door neighbors
5. Eddie first feels the effects of the drug during a somewhat unusual encounter with:
His landlord's wife
His mail carrier
His editor
His former college professor
6. When Eddie sees Vernon for the second time:
Vernon is dead
Vernon has been beaten up
Vernon is in jail
Vernon is having sex
7. Frantically searching the dead Vernon's apartment, Eddie finds the drug and a stash of cash in:
The oven
The sofa cushions
A planter
8. The film shows that Eddie is able to master each of these very quickly under the influence of the drug, except for:
Car repair
Foreign language
9. In need of quick cash, Eddie gets a loan from:
A loanshark
An international terrorist
An Australian drug runner
A Russian mobster
10. Eddie takes a job _______________ which leads to him being hired by Carl van Loon:
With an investment firm
In a crime lab
With a sports booking agency
With a defense contractor
11. Analyzing a portfolio of stocks at the end of his meeting with van Loon, Eddie realizes:
Carl is in failing health
Carl is about to come under federal investigation
A powerful merger is about to happen
The stock market is about to crash
12. The first side-effect that Eddie experiences is:
Losing track of time
Diminishing of his senses
A bloody nose
Losing control of his speech
13. Eddie is able to fight off a group of men by recalling video of fighting lessons. Where does this take place?
In a restaurant
In a subway station
On a ferry
On the top of a building
14. During a meeting with van Loon, Eddie becomes afraid that he may have killed:
A taxi driver
His girlfriend Lindy
A blonde woman
15. Throughout the film, Eddie is being followed by a man in a _________ coat:
16. Eddie meets with his ex-wife Melissa. Having had experience with the drug, her suggestion is to:
Quit the drug cold turkey
Up the dosage dramatically
Quit the drug gradually
Only take the drug after dark
17. Eddie asks his girlfriend Lindy to retrieve the stash of drugs, which he has moved from his apartment to hers. Where in her apartment are the drugs hidden?
In a seashell
Underneath a record player
In a coffee tin
In the freezer
18. Lindy flees the man who has been chasing Eddie, until she takes the drug and wounds the man with:
An ice skate
Pruning shears
A hubcap
A stuffed swordfish
19. The merger that Eddie brokers for Carl concerns:
20. When Atwood, one of the principals in the merger, fails to show to finalize the merger, each of the following becomes clear, except for:
Atwood's rise was attributed to him taking NZT
Atwood has been dead for several days
Atwood's illness is due to him being out of NZT
The man wounded by the ice skate has been working for Carl
21. Eddie receives a big old box full of:
Severed hands
Photos of him killing a woman
Bullets and a handgun
22. "Not much of a triumph, was it? Because I would die here, too. Only NZT could help me, and the last of it was in this thug's ____________:"
Fortified apartment
Limo downstairs
Blood stream
Bank vault
23. Eddie finally publishes his book. Its title, which shares a name with the actual story on which the movie is based, is:
Unlocking Everything
Illuminating the Dark Fields
The Long Road Back Into the Light
Revolution Pill
24. We catch up with Eddie 12 months later, when he is running for:
Attorney General
US Senate
25. At their last meeting, Eddie realizes that Carl:
Has a heart condition
Carl killed Atwood
Is almost broke
Is his father

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