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How Well Do You Know: Sucker Punch
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1. At the beginning of the film, Baby Doll attends the funeral of:
Her father
Her mother
Her sister
Her uncle
2. The name of the asylum to which Baby Doll is sent is ______ House:
3. What is Blue's role in the asylum?
4. When he appears in the brothel-world, the stepfather appears as a:
Police man
5. The High Roller is to come for Baby Doll how many days after she in introduced to the brothel world?
6. The arrival of the High Roller in the brothel world is to coincide with Baby Doll being subjected to this treatment in the asylum:
Lethal injection
Electroshock therapy
Drug-induced coma
7. Blondie is, naturally:
A redhead
A brunette
A blonde (duh!)
Without hair
8. Which of the girls in the asylum are sisters?
Amber (Jamie Chung) and Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens)
Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) and Blondie
Amber and Rocket (Jean Malone)
Rocket and Sweet Pea
9. Baby Doll saves Rocket from the hands of the cook after Rocket attempts to steal this from the kitchen:
An apple
Sugar cubes
10. The Wise Man charges Baby Doll with finding four specific items. Which of the following is not among them?
A key
A map
A gun
11. Each time the Wise Man gives instructions to Baby Doll and the other girls, he likes to add:
And, above all else....
The key to survival is....
Don't make the fatal mistake of....
Oh, and one more thing...
12. In her first battle after meeting the Wise Man, Baby Doll must defeat three warriors using these two weapons:
A sword and a gun
A sword and a bomb
A gun and nunchucks
A gun and a flamethrower
13. On their missions, which of the girls serves as the pilot?
Sweet Pea
14. On their first mission into the dream world, the girls find themselves in a __________ environment:
US Civil War
Vietnam War
American Revolutionary War
World War I
15. The soldiers the girls fight on their first mission are all dead, the Wise Man explains, and are powered by:
Pure evil
16. How did Rocket and Sweet Pea end up in the orphanage?
Sweet Pea ran away from home
They killed their parents
Rocket ran away from home
They killed their brother
17. The man from whom Amber stole the lighter in the brothel world was:
The Archbishop
The Mayor
The Chairman
The Governor
18. To obtain fire, the girls have to kill a baby dragon. Where in its body are the crystals that will make fire?
In its neck
In its eyes
In its wings
In its heart
19. Baby Doll hides the items that the girls collect:
Under her mattress
Under a drawer
Behind a wall tile
Behind a sink
20. The Kitchen Knife is a bomb that his on what mode of transportation?
A submarine
A dirigible
A train
An armored car
21. Baby Doll's dance for the cook is cut short when:
Blue barges into the kitchen
The asylum loses power
The radio shorts out
Baby Doll slips off the table
22. Blue learns about the girls' plan to escape from:
Sweet Pea
23. Blue shoots:
Madam Gorski and Amber
Amber and Blondie
Madam Gorski and Blondie
Blondie and Rocket
24. Which happens first?
Baby Doll takes the key
Baby Doll stabs Blue
Baby Doll frees Sweet Pea
Baby Doll starts the fire
25. The Wise Man appears at the end of the film as a bus driver who aids Sweet Pea in her escape. To where is the bus headed?
Fort Wayne

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