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How Well Do You Know: Source Code
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merita 4/16/14 2:53 am


1. The action in the film takes place in the area surrounding what major US city?
New York
2. We learn that Jake Gyllenhaal plays Colter Stevens - but that's only after Christina (Michelle Monaghan) calls him:
3. Which of the following is something that happens when the source code restarts?
Two passengers argue loudly about a football game
Someone spills coffee on Steven's shoe
A suitcase falls down from a luggage rack
The train car briefly loses electricity
4. Sean Fentress, the man whose body Stevens occupies, is a:
Cable installer
Copier salesman
5. The detonation of the bomb coincides with the train:
Passing another train
Making a scheduled stop
Jumping the tracks
Entering a tunnel
6. When they first talk in the film, Colter and Goodwin (Vera Farmiga), she gives him memory exercises. The exercises mention:
Colors and a dog
Planets and a parakeet
Christmas presents and a butterfly
Playing cards and an owl
7. Colter is repeatedly given this amount of time to find the bomb when he is sent back:
8 minutes
6 minutes
35 minutes
17 minutes
8. We see this animal at the beginning of the sequence as Stevens is sent back into the Source Code:
A deer
A duck
A wolf
A crow
9. Stevens believes that he was ______________ the day before....
Orbiting the earth
Flying sorties in Afghanistan
Navigating the Laurentian Abyss
Securing a village in Pakistan
10. ...but actually he has been in the program for:
Two months
Two years
Two weeks
Eight days
11. Why is it critical for Stevens to stop the bomber?
The bomb on the train was the first in a series
The bomb on the train killed the President of the United States
The bomb on the train was a dirty bomber
The bomb on the train knocked out the power grid for the entire midwest
12. Christina identifies a passenger on the train as a runner-up for which show?
Big Brother
Top Chef
America's Got Talent
13. Stevens notices this distinctive tidbit about Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright):
He walks with a cane
He wears an eyepatch
He's exceedingly tall
One side of his face is burned
14. Goodwin instructs Stevens to locate a loaded handgun that he'll find in a strongbox:
In the conductor's compartment
On the upper level of the train
In the last car of the train
Behind the galley
15. Throughout the film, Stevens expresses a desire to contact which family member?
His uncle
His father
His sister
His son
16. Stevens is told that he is dead by:
Another passenger on the train
17. ________ finally allows Stevens to identify the bomber.
Intel provided by Goodwin
Removing a phone from the bomb
Christina's description of a man who exits a restroom
Finding propagandist literature
18. Stevens finds the bomber's larger bomb in his vehicle, which is:
A Ford Pinto
A white van
A red pick-up
19. The bomber shoots Stevens when:
Christina approaches
Another train passes
The bomb on the train explodes
Stevens tries to handcuff him
20. Even though Stevens removed the phone from the bomb, the bomb still detonated because:
The battery lost power
The bomb was triggered by GPS
The bomber manually detonated it
There was a back-up phone attached
21. Are either Goodwin or Rutledge military?
Only Goodwin is
Only Rutledge is
Both are
Neither is
22. Goodwin agrees to send Stevens in one last time.....
And then terminate his life support
If he agrees to continue with the program
And then she'll contact his father
Only if Rutledge authorizes her to do so
23. On his final trip into the source code, Stevens calls:
Someone from his unit
His father
24. As Goodwin terminates the life support, the source code freezes as Stevens is:
Kissing Christina
Getting off the train
Handcuffing the bomber
25. As we get a look at Stevens' actual body in his chamber, we see:
Half his skull is missing
He has no arms
He has no legs
All of the above

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