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How Well Do You Know: The Adjustment Bureau
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1. We first meet David Norris when he is running for a very important political position. What office is David seeking?
Governor of New York
US Senator from New York
Mayor of New York City
US Representative from New York
2. ...but his election bid is derailed when details of a _________ come to light:
Traffic arrest
History of non-payment of taxes
Essay he wrote
College prank
3. This isn't the first time that politics and mischief spelled bad news for David. We learn that on the night he was first elected to Congress, David:
Got in a bar room fight
Was pulled over for drunk driving
Was cited for concealing a weapon
Was charged with misdemeanor vandalism
4. The election lost, David rehearses concession speech in hotel _____ where he meets Elise:
Boiler room
5. Why is Elise hiding in the bathroom?
Her fiance had hit her
Her boss showed up unexpectedly during a party
She had spilled wine on her dress
She had crashed a wedding
6. In his ad-libbed speech, David says that his campaign paid an advisor an exorbitant sum to discover the perfect degree to which:
His hair should be parted
His shoes should be scuffed
His tie should be loose
He should smile
7. The Adjustment Bureau's plans for David start to go haywire, because a certain something is supposed to happen exactly at 7:05. Harry Mitchell (Anthony Mackie) falls asleep, so as a result:
A dog doesn't frighten David
A cop doesn't stop David from crossing the street
A gust of wind doesn't blow the newspaper out of David's hand
David doesn't spill his coffee
8. As David isn't delayed, he walks in on his boss/campaign manager Charlie getting scanned in the office:
Break room
Supply closet
Conference room
9. To ensure that David doesn't have any further contact with Elise, Bureau member Richardson (John Slattery):
Erases her from David's memory
Burns her phone number
Orders Elise to be "reset"
Reverses time
10. David learns about the motives and methods of the Bureau when Harry Mitchell meets him:
In a subway
In a limo
In an alleyway
On a boat
11. "Move on with your life." How much time passes after the film jumps into the future the first time?
Six months
Three years
18 months
Five years
12. Something big is to happen in the life of David on the day he next meets Elise. What is it?
He is to be sworn into the Senate
He is to announce his second Senate campaign
He is to become a father
He is to bury his father
13. David agrees to meet Elise at her dance practice. His attempt to get to the studio is interrupted by a Bureau-engineered:
Power outage
Traffic accident
Torrential downpour
14. Members of the Adjustment Bureau are surprised to learn this fact about David:
He is fated to become a member of the Bureau
He unknowingly has control over time and space they way that they do
In earlier drafts of the plan, he and Elise were meant to be together
He is about to be assassinated
15. Thompson (Terence Stamp) makes his creepy entrance in the film as he:
Stands at the foot of the bed David and Elise sleep in
Watches David and Elise unseen while they are dancing at a club
Follows David and Elise in the shadows
Destroys the version of the plan showing David and Elise ending up together
16. Elise watches David as he appears at a taping for this show, before a Bureau member whisks her away:
The Daily Show
David Letterman
60 Minutes
17. In a discussion with David about the Bureau's intervention vs. free will, Thompson states that this world event most recently led the Bureau to again intervene in human affairs:
The Vietnam War
Dark Ages
Cuban Missile Crisis
18. Thompson suggests to David that he is fated to:
Be assassinated
Father a child who will become president
Become president
Prevent a nuclear war
19. On the flip side of the coin, Thompson warns that if David continues to press her luck, Elise is fated to:
Become horribly disfigured
Die on the night David is elected
Break his heart, resulting in his suicide
Teach dance to children
20. After her accident, David abandons Elise:
In the hospital
In a cab on the way to the hospital
In the dance studio
On a sidewalk in a shady part of town
21. The film jumps forward again, and we learn that ___________ later, Elise is engaged:
Three years
Six years
11 months
Nine years
22. It turns out that this item is critical to the Adjustment Bureau's ability to traverse the city via doors:
An overcoat
A hat
A watch
A bow tie
23. David races to interrupt Elise's wedding, which is to be held:
In a courthouse
In a church
In a dance studio
At a country club
24. David and Elise's dashing through doors leads them to this New York City landmark:
The New York Stock Exchange
The top of the Empire State building
Ellis Island
Madison Square Garden
25. The Adjustment Bureau is based on the story Adjustment Team by this science fiction writer:
Isaac Asimov
Philip K. Dick
Robert Heinlein
Ray Bradbury

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