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How Well Do You Know: No Strings Attached
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1. The film begins "15 years ago" when Emma and Adam meet:
At an amusement park
At a mutual friend's birthday party
At summer camp
In a shopping mall
2. Ten years pass, and now we see Emma and Adam at Michigan at this type of party:
Toga party
Pajama party
Underwear party
Tie-dye party
3. Emma asks Adam to come with her to "this stupid thing" the next day. What is the "stupid thing"?
Her father's funeral
Her graduation from med school
Her brother's wedding
A court date
4. In the present day, Adam works on a Glee-type TV show. What is his job at the show?
Head writer
Key grip
Director of photography
Production assistant
5. Meanwhile, Adam's father used to star on a show called (hint: the phrase is repeated several times during the movie)......
Hey, Y'all
I'm Fabulous
Great Scott
Don't I Know You
6. Adam is startled to learn that his father is seeing:
Emma's mother
Emma's sister
Vanessa, his former girlfriend
His birth mother
7. Adam wakes up naked in Emma's apartment. Emma's friend Patrice busts Adam's chops by suggesting that they had sex. "I didn't know that my body could handle that much __________ and that I would like it."
Whipped cream
8. After Adam and Emma have sex, he meets the man she is seeing. Said man is a doctor named Sam, who says Emma is just using him for his:
9. Emma explains to Adam that she can't be in a relationship, comparing her reaction to "an emotional:"
Peanut allergy
Bee sting
Poison ivy rash
Heart attack
10. Adam's friends rib him about his giving Emma a balloon that says:
Happy Birthday
Get Well Soon
Best Wishes
11. Emma lays down certain ground rules. Which of these is one of them, which Adam later violates:
No calling the day after sex
No listing each other as emergency contacts
No leaving each other text messages with cutesy emoticons
No sighing when the other person leaves the room
12. Who proposes that Emma and Adam use each other just for sex?
Adam's father
Emma's roommate Patrice
13. Adam presents Emma a mix CD. It's a:
Pre-breakup mix
Period mix
Reasons-you-should-never-date-me mix
Booty call mix
14. Attending a party of this type, a very drunk Emma, having called things off with Adam, realizes that she wants to get back with him:
New Year's Eve
15. Emma subsequently goes over to Adam's, only to find him occupied with:
Her roommate Shira
His ex Vanessa
Her sister
Two women
16. Emma agrees to go on a date - "one date" - with Adam on which day?
His birthday
Her birthday
New Year's Eve
Valentine's Day
17. On the date, Adam took Emma to each of the following, except:
A place that had minigolf
A place that had lots of lights
A place that had milkshakes
A place that showed movies
18. Emma drives to her sister's wedding with her mother and her lover, a man named:
19. After their break, Adams identifies Emma in his phone as:
Soul Eater
Do Not Call Her
Devil's Handmaiden
Stay Far Away
20. After the taping of the episode Adam writes:
Adam is hired as a writer on the show
Adam is fired
Adam storms off and never returns to the show
Adam vows to never write again
21. Having driven back from her sister's wedding to see Adam, Emma sees Adam arriving back to his place with Lucy as Emma hides:
In his closet
In her car
In the bushes
Under his bed
22. Adam's making out with Lucy is interrupted by:
Emma at the door
A call about his father being in the hospital
Emma crashing her car into his
His ex Vanessa at the door
23. Adam's dad overdosed on an unusual cocktail containing:
Cough syrup
Peppermint schnapps
24. What does Adam smuggle into the hospital when he goes to visit his dad?
A dog
25. As the credits roll, we learn that Adam's dad is seeing:
Emma's roommate Shira
Adam's mother

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