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How Well Do You Know: Ten Things I Hate About You
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Really, Tony? 10 Things is the second best '90s teen movie behind American Pie? 10 Things is third behind Clueless and Cruel Intentions. American Pie is fifth, a distant fifth, with fourth being Can't Hardly Wait.
tomhouseman 4/16/12 9:53 pm


1. Kat appears onscreen to the sounds of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation. Prior to this, a tune from which band had been playing over the beginning of the opening credits?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Barenaked Ladies
The Cranberries
2. Kat and Bianca's father is what type of doctor?
Ear, nose & throat
3. The actors who play Cameron, Cameron friend's Michael and the school guidance counselor Ms. Perky have each been featured in TV series. Which of the below was not one of those shows?
The West Wing
Third Rock from the Sun
4. When not counseling Paudua High's youth, Ms. Perky spends her office time:
Negotiating drug deals
Playing Tetris
Writing lurid romance novels
5. Kat's father wants her to go to college closer to home, but Kat's dream school is:
Sarah Lawrence
6. Early in the film, Mr. Stratford revises his policy on dating. Previously having stated that the girls cannot date, under the new rule, Bianca can date:
When Kat leaves for college
When she turns 18
When he dies
When Kat dates
7. Cameron's first attempts to win Bianca's affections by tutoring her in:
World History
8. Michael tells Cameron which of the following legends about Patrick?
His father is in congress
He sold his liver on the black market
He survived jumping from a plane without a parachute
He invented Napster
9. "What is it with this chick? She have....?"
A heart of pure gold
The Karma Sutra under her pillow
The guide to eternal happiness
Beer-flavored nipples
10. Rifling through her sister's room, what does Bianca find that tells her that Kat wants to have sex some day?
Her diary
A condom
A padded bra
Black panties
11. Cameron gives Patrick insights into Kat's preferences to help him win her over. Which of the following is not among them?
She hates smoking
She likes pretty guys
She loves guys that ride motorcycles
She likes angry girl music of the indie-rock persuasion
12. Mr. Stratford catches Bianca trying to sneak out of the house to go to a party. Before she leaves, he forces her to:
Sign an abstinence pledge
Wear the belly
Take Kat along
Promise she will walk to and from the party
13. At Bogie Lowenstein's party, Kat gets up on a table and dances. A song by what rapper plays during her dance?
Notorious B.I.G.
Snoop Dogg
Vanilla Ice
14. After Bogie's party, Patrick drives Kat home and Cameron drives Bianca home. Which of the following is true?
Patrick and Kat kiss, Cameron and Bianca don't
Cameron and Bianca kiss, Patrick and Kat don't
Both couples kiss
Neither one of the couples kiss
15. During gym, Joey distracts Bianca during archery practice. Who is hit by the wayward arrow?
The gym teacher
Bogie Lowenstein
The school principal
16. To win Kat over, Patrick sings to her and dances on the bleachers while she's in gym. What song does he sing?
Twist and Shout
I Want You to Want Me
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Take My Breath Away
17. Following his stunt on the bleachers, Patrick ends up in detention. He is able to sneak out when Kat distracts the teacher overseeing detention. What does she do?
Set off fireworks
Calls him to the principal's office over the PA
Exposes herself
Breaks a window
18. Michael has eyes for one of Kat's friends, Mandella. He successfully asks her out to the prom by appealing to her appreciation for:
Country music
19. Kat makes what surprising revelation to Bianca?
She likes Cameron, too
She's never kissed a boy
She had sex with Joey
She's a lesbian
20. Kat and Bianca's mother never appears in the film. Why?
She is dead
She is in jail
She left the family
She is in Africa working as a missionary
21. The band Letters from Cleo appears three times in the film: in the scene at Club Skunk, at the prom, and playing as the closing credits roll. In the last case, where is the band performing?
In the lunch room
On a school bus
On the roof of the school
On the bleachers
22. Patrick originally demands $50 dollars from Joey to take out Kat, then raises the amount to $100 per date. What amount changes hands in order for Patrick to take Kat to the prom?
Patrick volunteers to take Kat without being paid
23. To make up with Kat, Patrick buys her a guitar that she has been desiring. What color is the guitar?
24. In several scenes, Kat is in gym class. What sport is she practicing?
25. The movie is a loose adaptation of which Shakespeare play?
The Tempest
Twelfth Night
The Taming of the Shrew
The Merchant of Venice

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