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How Well Do You Know: Rango
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1. Our introduction to Rango (at the moment just a nameless pet chameleon) shows him practicing something he loves - what?
singing opera
roller skating
2. Rango talks about how a character needs an unexpected event to propel him into conflict. What happens to him immediately after saying this?
his owner throws him out of the car so he can "be free"
he chokes on a peanut
the tank he is in falls off the back of the car
he faints from heat exhaustion and falls to the side of the road
3. After talking to an armadillo trying to get to the other side of the street, Rango goes in search of:
his owner
someplace he can find water
his long-lost mother
some food
4. Rango finds water - unfortunately, it dries up before he has a chance to drink it. In his scramble to find some water, he finds himself:
hallucinating in the desert heat
fighting with another chameleon
looking into the barrel of a rifle
being handcuffed and brought to the local sheriff
5. Rango's new acquaintance Beans drops him off at the nearest town, which is called:
6. While Beans is visiting the bank, inquiring about the state of her loan (and finding out that the supply of town's water is dangerously low), Rango is at the local saloon, inventing stories to impress the local townsfolk. He invents the name Rango, which he gets from - what?
a sign hanging on the wall of the saloon
a little girl's hat
a gun
a bottle of liquor
7. Rango, a hit with the townsfolk - gets to meet the mayor after:
scaring away the mayor's main competition
(accidentally) killing the hawk that had been menacing the townpeople
vowing to get the town back into shape
pleading and begging to meet him
8. Telling him that "people have to believe in something", the Mayor:
appoints Rango sheriff of Dirt
tells Rango to stay away
hands Rango the key to the city
shows Rango where the surplus water is kept
9. Rango decides to form a posse after:
the hawk comes back to terrorize the town of Dirt
the mayor's assistant starts threatening the town's children
the town is vandalized one night
the surplus water is stolen from the bank vault
10. Rango, Beans and the rest of the posse try to track down the missing water. In the process, they find Mr. Merrimack, the bank manager, lying dead in the middle of the desert. How did he die?
heart attack
heat exhaustion
11. While Rango talks to Beans late at night about being lonely, she has one of her "spells" where she freezes up, unaware of her surroundings and anyone around her. Rango takes that opportunity to:
kiss her on the cheek
tell her he loves her
admit he is a phony
push her to the ground
12. The posse finally encounters a gang carting the rest of the water on the back of a wagon. Rango and the rest of the posse confront them not as themselves, but as:
Mexican banditos
door-to-door salesman
a group of traveling actors
school children
13. Rango, Beans and the rest of the posse manage to commandeer the covered wagon holding the water jug. To their dismay, they find:
it is a different water jug belonging to a neighboring town
half of their posse died in the fight
the jug is empty
the jug opening has been secured and now cannot be opened
14. After Rango questions his motives for buying up all the land, the Mayor decides to put Rango in his place by bringing in reinforcements - namely, Rattlesnake Jake. Jake shows the townsfolk that Rango is a fraud after Rango:
refuses to shoot Jake point blank
slips up and tells them his real name
is introduced to someone he supposedly killed in the stories he told the crowd in the saloon
admits to Beans that he was once a family pet
15. After being outed as a fraud, Rango:
runs out of town to find his former owner
is banished from town by Rattlesnake Jake
begs the townsfolk to let him stay
accuses Jake of being a bully
16. After passing out on the side of the highway, Rango wakes to find himself in the company of:
the Spirit of the West
the mayor
the ghost of bank manager Mr. Merrimack
17. So, look at that - the cacti Rango saw in the desert upon his arrival "walk" toward water! Rango follows them, and finds himself...where?
Los Angeles
New York City
Las Vegas
18. Rango arrives back in town and challenges Rattlesnake Jake to a standoff. Rango has the water's emergency shutoff valve turned off, so water starts showing up in Dirt again. He then tries to scare Jake by summoning a hawk - but Jake soon realizes it's not a hawk, but:
a puppet Rango created out of Beans's dress
a bunch of bats, flying together as one
the mariachi owl chorus
a kite
19. Rango is captured and thrown (with Beans) into a tank that is rapidly filling up with water. Rango figures out a way to escape, and puts his plan into motion by:
pulling out the gun he had hidden under his hat
kissing Beans
removing his boots
20. Part 2 of Rango's plan is put into motion when Beans chokes on the bullet Rango had been hiding in his mouth. How does he get them out of the water tank?
she coughs up the bullet and puts it in her gun to shoot them free
she passes out and the *thud* knocks the water tank over
he summons the Spirit of the West for help with the "magical" bullet he had been given
he administers the Heimlich maneuver after she chokes and the bullet cracks the tank's glass

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