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How Well Do You Know: The Burbs
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its not ray who asked why they keep a horse in the basement it was rumsfield.
jay 3/31/13 5:58 pm


1. Ray goes to get the newspaper from the paperboy riding by on his bike. When the paperboy throws the paper at Ray, what does Ray throw at the paperboy?
He throws the paper right back
He throws a croissant
He throws a rock
He throws his hot coffee
2. Art comes over Ray's house shooting a rifle. What is Art supposedly shooting at?
3. Ray and Art go over to the Klopeks' house to say hello. What happens when they try to knock on the door?
The sprinklers come on
A large dog lunges at them
Bees attack them
Crows attack them
4. Ricky is the neighborhood smart-ass whose parents went out of town. What is Ricky suppose to do while his parents are gone?
Mow the yard
Paint the house
Paint the fence
Fix the roof
5. Art tells Ray and Ricky a scary story about a local killer named Skip. Skip worked as a ________ before murdering his entire family.
Ice cream man
Burger chef
6. Ray's wife Carol doesn't want Ray hanging out with the neighbors. Where does she want Ray to take her?
To the beach
To visit her mother
Skiing in the mountains
To the lake
7. Ray, Art and Rumsfield notice strange noises and smells coming from the Klopeks' house at night. Unfortunately they'll have to wait till morning to investigate due to rain. What are they determined to search first thing in the morning?
Their basement
Their trash cans
Their garage
Their backyard
8. Art and Rumsfield don't find a body in the Klopeks' trash cans. What do they suspect are being done with it?
The Klopeks are burning it in the furnace
The Klopeks are eating it
The Klopeks are burying it in the back yard
The Klopeks are hiding it in their house
9. Ray is upset that Ricky, Art and Rumsfield are snooping around Walter's house. What ISN'T Ray mad at them for doing?
Rumsfield for removing part of a window
Ricky breaking Walter's Plate
Art stealing from Walter
Ricky drinking Walter's beers
10. Finish Art's satanic chant, "I wanna kill everyone; Satan is good; Satan is our ____."
11. Ray has a scary dream that the Klopeks do what to him?
Put a axe in his head
Barbecue him
Boil him
Saw him in half
12. Ray's dog finds part of a human skeleton while digging by the Klopeks' yard. What did Vincent the dog find under the fence?
A radius
A mandible
A femur
A tibia
13. Ray is furious that Art and Rumsfield did what to the Klopeks?
Left them a note
Made a anonymous phone call
Snuck into their house
Peeked into their basement
14. "Here's something for the old sweet tooth, sonny." What did Rumsfield bring to the Klopeks as a housewarming gift?
Rice Krispie treats
15. The youngest Klopek gives his name to Rumsfield, who thinks it's a fine Christan name. What is the boy's name?
16. The Klopeks try to be hospitable to their guests - they even serve them ____ and pretzels.
17. Rue keeps referring to his brother as the:
18. Ray wants to know why the Klopeks keep a ____ in their basement.
19. What does Ray find in the Klopeks house belonging to Walter?
His toupee
His clothes
His glasses
His dog Queenie
20. How does Ray destroy the Klopeks' house?
He hits a water pipe flooding it
He starts a small fire
He hits a support beam causing it to collapse
He hits the gas line causing an explosion
21. Ray claims people living in the burbs ______ for the 800th time finally snap.
Walk their dogs
Mow their lawn
Vacuum their house
Wash their cars
22. The police run down the list of things Ray is being charged with. Ray is oblivious to all this, but keeps commenting on how much he likes:
His wife's hair
Wheel of Fortune
The color blue
Pepperoni pizza
23. What does Hans try to use as a getaway vehicle?
Fire truck
Police cruisier
24. Where do they find the bodies that the Klopeks have been hiding?
In their basement
In the trunk of their car
There were no bodies
In their backyard
25. After the Klopeks have been arrested and all is well and done, Art is extremely worried that:
His house is on fire
A ambulance was driven through his living room
All the excitement is over
His wife is home

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