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How Well Do You Know: Adventures in Babysitting
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1. Chris is disappointed when her boyfriend Mike comes over and cancels their date. What is the reason he gave why he had to cancel?
He has to visit his grandma
His little sister is sick
He has to help his dad out
He isn't feeling well
2. Chris's friend Brenda is tired and bored with their hometown. She actually compares the place to _____.
Diary Queen
Taco Bell
Burger king
3. Brad catches his sister Sarah painting with a unconventional substance. What is she using as a paint color?
Her mom's makeup
Brad's clearasil
4. Who is Sarah's hero who Brad thinks is a homo?
Captain America
The Flash
5. Brenda makes a frantic call to Chris to come save her at the train station. What is Brenda so scared about?
Two girls threatening to beat her up
Her purse was stolen
A man with a gun
A man trying to moleste her
6. "Your parents would kill me if I took you into the city." What city is Chris referring to?
New York
7. Sarah's car gets a flat tire on the expressway, and a tow truck driver arrives. The scary driver goes by the name ______ John.
8. What makes John so scary looking?
His face was burned
He has a eye patch
He has a hook for a hand
He has huge scars across his face
9. Chris and the kids are taken to Joe's place of business. Where does Joe take them?
A secret gambling hideout
A chop shop
A bar
A drug manufacturer
10. Despite being in a stolen car, Chris is not losing control of her babysitting duties. She was given instructions to give Sarah couch syurp and not to let Brad _____.
Eat chocolate
Bite his nails
Chew gum
Drink soda
11. Chris and the kids try to escape from the bad guys' hideout. They risk life and limb by __________ to escape:
Walking across the roof
Climbing down a drain pipe
Jumping out of a window
Walking across steel beams
12. The bad guys are trying to get back a Playboy magazine that Daryl took. Besides having important information written in it, what else is significant about that particular issue?
It has some really great articles
There's pictures of Chris in it
The covergirl looks like Chris
It's a limited edition
13. Chris and the kids run into a nightclub, where the performers want them to sing. What kind of song do they have to sing?
Rock n roll
14. Where did Sarah and Brad's parents go for the evening?
A restaurant
The theatre
An art show gallery
A party
15. Poor Brenda had her glasses stolen and now she can't see. She picks up a rat mistakenly thinking it was what animal?
A puppy
A kitten
A bunny
Guinea pig
16. Brad gets cut in a gang fight on the subway. Where on his body does he get one stitch?
His arm
His thigh
His toe
His finger
17. Chris goes to pick up her car at Dawson's garage, but Dawson says she owns him money. How much does Dawson want for fixing her car?
18. Sarah knows why Mr. Dawson is acting like a jerk - he's really a superhero who is missing his:
19. Where does Chris see Mike with another girl?
In an ice cream shop
At the movies
In his car
At a restaurant
20. Chris confronts Mike with his new super slutty girlfriend who goes by what colorful name?
21. To escape the bad guy chasing her, Sarah does what?
Climb up on the roof
Climb out onto the windows
Climbs down the fire escape
Hides in the closet
22. Dan goes back to the Andersons' house to return something Sarah left in his car. What did Sarah leave in Dan's car?
Her backpack
Her skate
Her coloring book
Her helmet
23. What is the reason Dan says he came over to see Chris?
He ask her out
To see if she got home safe
He wanted to see where Miss March lived
He needs a babysitter
24. Keith Coogan, who plays Brad, must have a thing for doing movies about babysitting. What other movie did he star in about babysitting?
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead (1991)
My Babysitter's a Vampire (2010)
The Babysitters Club (1995)
The Babysitter (1995)
25. The actress who plays Chris is probably best known from what classic 80's film?
The Goonies
The Karate Kid
The Breakfast Club

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