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How Well Do You Know: Problem Child
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1. In a montage to the song, Bad to the Bone, we see Junior getting abandoned by different families. We see Junior doing the following, except:
Starting a flood in the bathroom
Vacuuming a fish tank
Putting soap in the kitty's water dish
Breaking a window with a rattle
2. Junior is impressed by the notorious Bow Tie Killer, who is played by an actor best known from which television show?
3. Ben works for his dad Big Ben at what kind of store?
Sporting Goods
4. Ben meets a little boy named Hank at his store. What is Hank looking to buy?
A tent
A canteen
A sleeping bag
A flash light
5. Junior pulls all sorts of mean pranks on the nuns. What trick DOESN'T the movie show him doing?
Taking nude photos of nuns
Making a nun slip out to the garbage shoot
Putting a tack on a nun's chair
Swinging a nun from a robe
6. Junior tries to convince loud-mouthed Mr. Peabody that he wants to be a good boy and become a:
Police officer
7. When he first sees Ben for the first time, Junior remarks, "Have you ever seen a grown man wear _______?"
The color yellow
A hat like that
Velcro shoes
So much blue
8. What kind of delightful design decor do the Healys use for Junior's room?
Outer space
9. What mean trick does Junior pull on Grandpa when he first meets him?
Dumps water on his head
Makes him slip and fall
Throws the cat at him
Trips him into the mud
10. Speaking of the cat, what is the name of the Healys' pet cat who Junior terrorizes?
Fur Ball
Snow Ball
Butter Ball
Fuzz Ball
11. Martin the Bow Tie Killer escapes from jail. How does he accomplish this?
Pretending to be a doctor
Going over the prison wall
Going through the laundry truck
Tunneling out
12. Bratty little Lucy is having a birthday party, and doesn't want Junior to come. In fact, she thinks Junior dresses like _________, and that's gross.
The man who removed grandma's mole
The man who cremated her uncle
The man who fixed their toilet
The man who cleans up the dog doodie in the park
13. Junior decides to sabotage the camping party by bringing an uninvited guest. What kind of animal did Junior bring to crash the party?
A snake
A skunk
A opossum
A bear
14. Ben gives Junior something very special that his grandfather gave to him. What does Ben give to Junior?
A stone
A peach pit
A prune
A watch
15. Junior wreaks havoc on Lucy's party during a montage of the song It's My Party. What DOESN'T the show Junior doing?
Turning the sprinklers on the guest
Cutting the braid off a little girl
Putting a frog in the punch bowl
Filling the pinata with pickles
16. Martin is very excited to be out of prison. He is especially thrilled at the idea of eating a _____ after 15 years in prison.
Moon pie
Ding dong
Smiley pie
17. Ben takes Junior to play in a little league game. After Junior attacks all of the other players and slides in to home, what does he shout repeatedly?
Touch down
Home run
18. Finish Ben's line, "I've adopted ____."
The Devil
A demon
A monster
19. How many times has Junior been returned to the orphanage?
20. Junior runs the car into Big Ben's store with Ben holding on to the roof. What does he hit in the store, that brings the car to a halt?
A case of tennis balls
A display of Gatorade
A row of kayaks
A stack of coolers
21. After Junior drives into Big Ben's store, Ben begins to have a nervous breakdown. What do we see him clutching at home, holding for dear life?
A teddy bear
A photograph
A pillow
A blanket
22. How much ransom money does Martin demand for Flo and Junior?
$1 million
23. What is Martin's response to, "Look, a giraffe"?
Look, a fist
Look, it's dead
Look, a punch
Look, my foot
24. Junior wants to see _________, but Martin says no he saw too many of those in prison.
The beaded lady
The sword swallower
The two -headed monster
The snake charmer
25. At the end of the movie, we see Flo riding away with:
A manure truck
The garbage truck
A pig
A goat

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