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How Well Do You Know: The Dream Team
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1. Albert is in a catatonic state. The only words he says pertain to what?
Game shows
Classic movies
2. Who does Jack think he is?
An angel
The devil
3. Billy lies to everyone in his group therapy. What HASN'T he told everyone he has done?
Fought in Vietnam
Played for the New York Rangers
Worked for the President
Drove the Daytona Speedway
4. Jack tells Billy, "I was pulling in over $100,000 a year while you and Santan were chasing ____."
Jennifer Beals
Daryl Hannah
Jamie Lee Curtis
Kim Basinger
5. The group have a sing-a-long in their van on the way to the Yankees game. What song do they all rock out to?
Charlie Brown
Johnny B. Goode
Wooly Bully
Hit the Road Jack
6. While Dr. Weitzman takes Albert to the bathroom, Billy is left alone to tell scary stories. What creature does he say have been know to kill people in their area?
Axe murders
7. Dr. Weitzman and Albert witness two dirty cops doing what?
Beating up a suspect
Taking bribes
Killing another cop
Selling drugs
8. Besides being an actress, what does Billy's girlfriend Riley do for a living?
Sales clerk
9. Albert is watching a baseball game through a store window, and is startled and afraid to see a man in a costume. What is the man wearing?
A cowboy outfit
A chicken suit
A clown outfit
A Uncle Sam outfit
10. Henry angers a man in a bar, when he tells to clean up his trash. He says to the man, "Nobody likes a ______."
Mr. Messy
Dirty birdy
Clutter bug
Pig pen
11. Jack enters a church and starts preaching and testifying about living the white man's lie. Why is Jack thrown out of the church?
For interrupting service
For dancing on the organ
He gets naked
He claims to be the real Jesus
12. Billy is furious that his girlfriend is living with another man. What does Billy destroy out of rage?
A garbage can
A planter
A street sign
A lamp light
13. Finish the conversation between Jack and the tow truck driver.

"Who dares to tow the van of the living Christ?"
"The city of New York, ________."
14. Billy and the rest of the group head into a surplus store to get Jack some clothes. Billy lies to the owner, claiming they all work for the ______.
Secret Service
15. Billy and the group walk into the police station to ask for help. Billy tells the officer, "All were asking for is for you to give us the same attention you would give to one of your _____."
Root beers
Cups of coffee
French fries
Potato chips
16. Billy compares a conversation with Albert to talking to who?
A two year-old
A house plant
A brick wall
17. Riley's new boyfriend Ed thinks Billy and his group are all what?
Mental patients
Jehovah's witnesses
18. Billy gets mad at Ed for threatening to call the police on them. What does he threaten to do to Ed?
Beat the hell out of him
Throw him down the stairs
Throw him out a window
Put him in the oven
19. Jack tries to get money back at his old job. What was Jack doing before he went into the mental hospital?
Bank manager
20. Henry goes back to his wife and child to ask for money. What does his daughter ask him if she can please have?
His notebook
His pen
His clipboard
His tie
21. Billy finally goes off on Henry, telling him he doesn't have the medical background to do what?
Cut a toe nail
Squeeze a pimple
Take a temperature
Put on a band-aid
22. Riley tells Billy he really does care about the guys - and that he's no longer a street fighter, he's a what____?
Cub Scout leader
Good friend
Den mother
Mother hen
23. Albert has a breakthrough when he finally says some real words. What does he say to Billy?
He tells him to shut up
He tells him where Dr. Weitzman is
He tells him to go to hell
He calls him a sh*t head
24. Who does Albert disguise himself as in the rescue of Dr. Weitzman?
A police officer
A nurse
A ambulance driver
A doctor
25. Where do the guys go after they drop Dr. Weitzman off back at the mental hospital?
Out to eat
A movie
A baseball game

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