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How Well Do You Know: Sixteen Candles
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1. Today is Samantha Baker's 16th birthday. Who is the first character we actually hear say the words "Happy Birthday" to her?
2. What is the big event planned for the day after Samantha's birthday?
High school graduation
First day of school
High school prom
Her sister's wedding
3. What band name has Samantha scrawled on her school 3-ring binder?
Concrete Blonde
Glass Tiger
The Rave-Ups
The Psychedelic Furs
4. Who plays the object of Samantha's desire, Jake Ryan?
Josh Brolin
Michael Schoeffling
Matt Dillon
Dylan McDermott
5. How does Samantha get home after school?
Her ride never shows, so she walks
She has a black Trans Am
Jake gives her a ride
She rides the bus
6. Who is Caroline?
Samantha's older sister
Jake's current girlfriend
Samantha's best friend
Long Duk Dong's girlfriend
7. Name the actor who plays one of Farmer Ted's friends and would later go on to become a lead actor in a number of films:
Robert Downey, Jr.
Anthony Edwards
John Cusack
Nicolas Cage
8. What is the first thing that exchange student Long Duk Dong says?
"What's happening, hot stuff?"
"The Donger needs food!"
"Hellooo sexy girlfriend!"
"I love pushing lawnmower so grandpa's hyena don't get disturbed."
9. How long has Samantha's sister been dating her oily bohunk, Rudy?
Six days
Six weeks
Six months
Six years
10. Ted's friends bet a dozen floppy disks that he can't score with Samantha. What the's first form of proof they request?
Underpants - girl's underpants
Her bra
Her lipstick on his body
11. The geek's friends often carry around tech items. Which one don't they carry?
Night vision goggles
Laser pointers
Hands free walkie talkies
12. Where do Ted and Samantha have their heart to heart about Jake and her birthday?
The bus
The gym
Auto shop
13. What secret does Ted share about himself with Samantha?
"I'm a straight A student."
"I tried to kill myself with a flare gun."
"My mom irons underwear every night."
"I've never bagged a babe."
14. How much does Weez charge the freshman to get in the bathroom to view Samantha's panties?
A buck
A comic book
His underpants
Ten floppies
15. The inlaws meet over dinner in a restaurant. What line of business is Mr. "Ricecheck" in?
The mob
Professional gambler
Golf course sprinkler salesman
16. What complication does Caroline run into during the party at Jake's parent's house?
She gets caught cheating on Jake
Wine spills on her mom's dress
College recruiter shows up at the wrong time
Her hair gets caught in a door
17. Ted and Jake have a heart to heart over Samantha in his kitchen. What substance unites this unlikely pair?
A doobie
18. Jake offers Ted the chance to drive Caroline home. Where does Ted take her first?
Ted's house
Samantha's house
Bryce & Weez's house
House of Pancakes
19. What does Caroline give to Ted during their drive?
A birth control pill
A condom
A martini
Her underpants
20. What's happened to Howard's automobile?
Lake. Big lake.
It was trashed at a rival high school
Stuck in a tree
Turned into a pimpmobile
21. How many muscle relaxants does Ginny take to offset her monthly bill?
"This much."
"Those are Howard's nitroglycerin pills!"
22. Who answers the door when Jake goes to Samantha's house?
Long Duk Dong
Grandma Dorothy
23. What does Caroline tell Ted she liked most?
His clean close shave
Waking up in his arms
His gentlemanly behavior
His rippling abs
24. What kind of car does Jake drive?
Trans Am
Rolls Royce
25. John Hughes wrote Sixteen Candles. Who directed it?
John Hughes
Howard Deutch
Cameron Crowe
Chris Columbus

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