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How Well Do You Know: Miss Congeniality
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1. The film opens showing a scene from Grace's childhood. In what state did she live?
New York
New Jersey
2. In the film, the FBI is chiefly concerned with a criminal known as what?
The Statesman
The Blind Man
The Womanizer
The Citizen
3. In which pageant does Grace participate?
Miss America
Miss Universe
Miss Northern Hemisphere
Miss United States
4. Why was the initial Miss New Jersey not allowed to compete?
She was ill
She had made an adult film
She was too old
She had a criminal past
5. Ten out of 11 years Victor Melling's girls won the pageant. Who won the other year?
A blind tap-dancer
A six-foot Swede
Cathy Morningside's daughter
A deaf-mute
6. "Will you desist?" Victor hisses at Grace during lunch as she is doing what?
Making her water glass ring
Picking meat out of her teeth
Blowing into her beer bottle
Biting her fingernails
7. Vitor's term for gracefully walking is:
8. At her makeover, Grace screams loudly after what procedure?
Eyebrow plucking
Chemical peel
Bikini wax
Dental work
9. As Grace emerges from the makeover hangar, what song plays?
Run Around Sue
Lady in Red
Wonderful Tonight
Mustang Sally
10. In what city does the pageant take place?
New Orleans
San Antonio
11. Eric nicknames the operation what?
Operation Thong
Operation Cleavage
Operation Tweezer
Operation Bikini
12. Miss Rhode Island says she recognized Grace how?
They had met before
By her lack of picture
By her nametag
By their seat assignments on the bus
13. Grace swears loudly at the orientation breakfast. What reason does she give?
She bit her tongue
She forgot to say grace
There was no more sugar substitute
She is allergic to fine china
14. Aside from Miss Rhode Island, which pageant contestant(s) were redheads?
All of the above
15. What is Miss Rhode Island's talent?
Baton twirling
Jumping rope
16. Who is Grace's roommate at the pageant?
Miss Texas
Miss Conneticut
Miss Ohio
Miss Washington
17. Grace tells the press she jumped on the man at the preliminaries:
Because of his fashion crimes
Because he was making sexist remarks
To stop him from smoking
To stop him from killing someone
18. Why does Victor give Grace hemorrhoid ointment?
So she will smile more easily
For the bags under her eyes
To increase her bust size
To keep her swimsuit from riding up
19. According to Grace, the one thing our society needs most is:
Harsher punishment for parole violaters
More hosts as handsome as Stan Fields
More states like New Jersey
Easier-to-steer city buses
20. Cheryl's past included:
Membership in an anti-nuclear group
Membership in a radical animal-rights group
Threatening other beauty pageant contestants
250 unpaid parking tickets
21. Cheryl said that which person had attacked her in her past?
Her father
A policeman
Her college professor
Her baton coach
22. Cathy Morningside won her pageant when the original winner:
Got food poisoning
Was decapitated by an exploding tiara
Fell off stage and broke her back
Disappeared without a trace
23. At the opening procession of the pageant, the contestants were dressed as:
The Statue of Liberty
24. Which contestant was a lesbian?
New Jersey
New York
25. Who was second runner-up in the pageant?
New York

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