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How Well Do You Know: I Am Legend
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1. The film opens with a doctor, played by Emma Thompson, talking on television about manipulating a measles virus to help cure:
Heart disease
Sickle cell
2. _________ has passed after the television broadcast until we catch up with Robert Neville in the film's present:
Two weeks
Three years
Twelve months
Six months
3. After nearly being run over by them, Robert pursues a herd of these animals through the streets of the city:
4. The metropolis in which Robert lives is:
Los Angeles
New York
5. Robert's companion through the film is Sam, a dog of this breed:
Golden retriever
German shepard
6. On Robert's refrigerator is a cover of Time magazine showing his face along with this word:
7. In a flashback, we see Robert frantically picking up his wife and daughter, as the island is about to be:
Sealed off
Consumed by fire
8. The lab in which Robert conducts his work is located in:
An abandoned hospital across town
A building across the street from his house
The attic of his house
His basement
9. Most of the rats that Robert uses as his test subjects either die or display:
Extreme aggression
Problem-solving skills
10. Each day, Robert transmits on AM frequencies instructing any survivors to meet him at:
Wall Street
Grand Central Station
The Port Authority
South Street Seaport
11. The closest thing to human contact that Robert has is speaking in passing to mannequins in a:
Video store
Grocery store
Gas station
12. We see Robert hitting golf balls off:
An air craft carrier
The top of the Sears Tower
A stage set up in the middle of Times Square
The parquet floor of Madison Square Garden
13. Robert has his first encounter with the creatures in the film when he:
Thinks he sees another human
Is late returning home after hunting one afternoon
Tries to rescue Sam, who has run off
Falls through an open manhole
14. Robert uses each of the following to construct his snare, except for:
A mirror
A vial of blood
An automobile
A canvas tarp
15. The creature that Robert snares and performs his tests on is:
A young woman
A boy
An old woman
An old man
16. Robert guns down Fred. Fred is a mannequin. Why did Robert shoot Fred?
He imagined Fred was saying menacing things to him
Fred wasn't where Fred was supposed to be
Robert was grieving the anniversary of the last day he saw his wife
"Oh, you know what you did, Fred"
17. What significant injury does Robert suffer as he frees himself from his own snare?
He sprains his ankle
He breaks his arm
He suffers a concussion
He impales his leg on his knife
18. What is the first sign that the bitten Sam is transforming?
A chunk of her hair falls out
She snaps at his neck
Her pupils become fixed
She loses all pigmentation
19. Robert kills Sam:
By shooting her
By drowning her
With his own hands
By tying her to a stake in the sunlight
20. Anna and Ethan enter the scene when the rescue Robert as his car is:
On fire
About to be crushed
Rolling down a ramp into the creatures' lair
21. A final flashback indicates that Robert's wife and daughter didn't escape, but rather died when their helicopter:
Was blown up mid-air
Crashed into a bridge
Was detonated before take off
Was rammed by another out-of-control helicopter
22. Robert is able to defuse some of the tension he created for Anna and Ethan by reciting this movie line-for-line:
Monsters, Inc.
Toy Story
23. The movie refers to the creatures as:
The Inhuman
24. As the creatures swarm Robert's house, Robert takes this drastic action:
He detonates explosives outside
He escapes with Anna through the basement
He destroys his lab
He floods the grounds with gasoline
25. As the creatures attack the lab, Robert realizes:
He has been infected
Anna and Ethan have been infected
His final test subject has been cured
His final test subject is dead
26. As Anna and Ethan escape, Robert ends his life and those of the creatures by:
A grenade
Collapsing the ceiling
Setting off mines embedded in the lab floor
27. Anna and Ethan escape to a survivors camp - the existence of which Robert doubted - located in this state:
West Virginia

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