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How Well Do You Know: I Am Number Four
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i should have had 25/25 but i accidentally hit nxt question on question 3 without putting the answer so it didnt register...
QuinntonDaerden 7/12/11 12:34 pm


1. _______ is killed during the first scene of the movie.
Number One
Number Two
Number Three
Oddly enough, Number Four
2. ...and John knew this because he could feel it while he was:
Having sex
Running through a forest
Chopping wood
3. The evil aliens in the film who hunt John and the other Loriens are:
4. John finds a dog and names it this, the athlete who is on a poster in his room:
Franco Harris
Bernie Kosar
John Elway
Michael Jordan
5. When we first see badass chick Number Six in the film, she is:
Running from the police
Destroying a house
Killing a Mog
Awaking from a bad dream
6. Meanwhile, in Sarah's entrance into the film, she is in the principal's office for posting __________ on her website:
Test scores of other students
A scandalous picture of a teacher
Dirty laundry on the local sheriff
Nude pictures of herself
7. The name of Sarah's site is:
Strangers in Paradise
Candid Camera
Truth in 35mm
Sarah Says
8. The Mogadorians find a charred _________ which tells them that Number Four didn't die in the site that Henri staged:
Article of clothing
License plate
9. Where is John when light bursts uncontrollably from his hand for the first time in the film?
In a classroom
On a schoolbus
In a darkroom with Sarah
At a dance
10. The Mogadorians stop at a local supermarket to buy several of these, which they feed their pet shape-shifter:
Frozen pizzas
Racks of pork ribs
11. Sam's most prized possession is a photo of his:
12. Sam's father, who disappeared long ago, had the name:
13. John and Sarah are attacked by Mark and his friends at a:
Haunted house
Drive-in movie theater
Deserted football field
14. The local sheriff comes to ask John and Henri about Mark and the other boys getting hurt. The sheriff turns out to be:
Sam's foster father
Mark's dad
Sarah's dad
A Mogadorian in disguise
15. The conspiracy theorist-run website that features video of John is called:
The Truth Is Out There
Undeniable Proof
They Walk Among Us
We Are Not Alone
16. Henri has been kidnapped and taken to Indiana. Who does John take with him to save Henri?
Number Six
Bernie Kosar
17. Henri perishes after the Mogs first attack John. He dies from being:
Blasted with one of the Mogs's weapons
18. Before he dies, Henri gives John the locator, an item which Sam's father Malcolm had used, which resembles a:
Tree branch
19. Upon his return to town, John reunites with (and saves) Sarah, and is perused by the police at a:
Football game
Car wash
Street fair
House party
20. While John and Number Six emit bluish light, the Mogs's weapons emit what colored bursts?
21. John meets Number Six as he and the Mogs close in on him and Sarah in what part of the school?
The darkroom
The gym
A hallway
The girls' locker room
22. The gifts or abilities that John, Number Six and the other Loriens possess are known as:
23. Having been "powered up" by John's lumen during the fight with the Mogs, Number Six states that what "is for pussies"?
Red Bull
Vitamin 9
Four Loko
24. The last of the Mogs die:
On a football field
In a parking lot
In a swimming pool
In a boiler room
25. Which trio leaves together at the end of the film?
John, Sarah and Sam
John, Number Six and Sam
John, Number Six and Sarah
John, Number Six and Mark

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