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How Well Do You Know: Glee: Music from Season 2
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1. Giant foam fingers were busted out during the New Directions performance of:
Don't Stop
Light Up the World
Loser Like Me
Empire State of Mind
2. The song performed as the Warblers bid farewell to Kurt upon his re-entering McKinley was originally sung by:
Barbra Streisand
Katy Perry
Michael Buble
3. Which of the following was not a Britney Spears song performed during the Britney/Brittany episode?
I'm a Slave 4 U
Me Against the Music
Baby One More Time
4. Meanwhile, Britney/Brittany included which of these songs not originally performed by Ms. Spears?
I Look to You
Dancing Queen
Try a Little Tenderness
5. Which two vocalists dueled to Telephone?
Tina and Artie
Rachel and Sunshine
Brittany and Santana
Mercedes and Quinn
6. Season 2 featured the following Katy Perry songs, except for:
I Kissed a Girl
California Gurls
Teenage Dream
7. The performance of this song saw New Directions all decked out in red flannel:
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Only the Good Die Young
The Dog Days Are Over
8. Season 2 featured episode whose titles share their names with songs performed by each of the following, except:
Jamie Foxx
Fleetwood Mac
Lady Gaga
By way of explanation.....
Blame It on the Alcohol (Foxx), Rumours (Fleetwood Mac) and Born This Way (Gaga) were all Season 2 episodes; Dream On (Aerosmith) was a Season 1 episode
9. A number from West Side Story was combined with a tune originally by ___________ in Born This Way:
Boyz II Men
Michael Jackson
Aretha Franklin
By way of explanation.....
I Feel Pretty was performed with TLC's Unpretty
10. Which doesn't correctly pair a duo that performed together in Duets?
Rachel & Finn
Mercedes & Santana
Sam & Quinn
Artie & Brittany
11. Season 2 contained a flash mob performance. The title of the song featured in the act contains the name of the artist who originally recorded which other Season 2 song?
Tik Tok
Papa, Can You Hear Me?
By way of explanation.....
The flash mob played to Duck Sauce's Barbra Steisand. Streisand originally sang Papa, Can You Hear Me from Grilled Cheesus
12. The final song that Holly Holliday sang during Season 2 was:
Turning Tables
Do You Wanna Touch Me
13. Alighting in New York (in the episode New York!), Kurt and Rachel sing a song from this Broadway show:
Rock of Ages
Book of Mormon
Anything Goes
14. Songs recorded by Amy Winehouse and Otis Redding figure into which episode?
Blame It on the Alcohol
Prom Queen
15. Which song was not included in A Very Glee Christmas?
Last Christmas
We Need a Little Christmas
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year
16. The halftime number at the football game featured Michael Jackson's Thriller mashed up with a song by:
New Radicals
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Arcade Fire
The Kills
17. Whose silly love song was not performed in Silly Love Songs?
Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson
18. ______ and _______ joined forces for a Lady Antebellum song:
Sam / Quinn
Santana / Brittany
Puck / Rachel
Finn / Quinn
19. Rebecca Black's 15 minutes of fame wound down after her Friday was included in the episode:
The Substitute
Prom Queen
20. Which elemental substance played a prominent role in the musical number that closed out The Substitute episode?
By way of explanation.....
The episode ended with Holly, Will and the kids dancing on a wet stage to Singin' in the Rain and Umbrella
21. Which of the following is not a song performed by The Warblers?
Hey, Soul Sister
As Long As You're There
Bills, Bills, Bills
By way of explanation.....
Vocal Adrenaline sang on As Long As You're There
22. Which of these was song by someone who was not a cast member during Season 1?
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Trouty Mouth
Ain't No Way
By way of explanation.....
Sam sang Every Rose Has Its Thorn; the others were sung by Art, Santana and Mercedes, respectively
23. Season 2 featured a song from each of the following musicals, except for:
West Side Story
24. Holly Holliday rocked out to which Schoolhouse Rock! classic?
Conjunction Junction
I'm Just a Bill
Interplanet Janet
25. In Never Been Kissed, the males sang a mashup of songs performed by females, and vice-versa. Which of the following was not included in the pair of performances?
Bon Jovi
The Supremes
The Rolling Stones
Destiny's Child

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