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How Well Do You Know: High School Musical
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They're totally singing Paradise By the Dashboard Light.

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Thanks!! Allan x
DrAllan 2/4/10 2:56 am


1. When Troy and Gabriella first meet, what holiday is it?
Duh! Prom Night!
New Year's Eve
Valentine's Day
2. Troy is a big star for his high school in what sport?
Ping Pong
3. What is the high school mascot?
4. What does Chad Danforth speculate that Sharpay probably did over the holiday break?
Doing yoga and relaxing
Hanging out with that weird brother of hers
Shopping for mirrors
Trying on shoes
5. How does Troy confirm that Gabriella is in fact a new transfer student at his school, sitting right in the same classroom with him?
He calls her cell phone
He embarrasses himself by leaning over too far, causing his desk to fall over
He passes a note back to her desk
He waits for her after class
6. What is the name of the teacher who gives Troy and Gabriella detention on their first day back from the holidays?
Ms. Darbus
Mrs. Murdock
Mrs. McGee
Mr. Rudie
7. Gabriella gives Sharpay a compliment as they are standing beside the bulletin board with the signup sheet for the musical. What is it?
I loved you in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody!
Isn't that a beautiful mirror!
Nice penmanship.
You look so lovely in pink!
8. How is Ryan related to Sharpay?
He is her boyfriend
He is her brother
He is her cousin
He is her nephew
9. At her previous school, Gabriella led a certain team to a championship. What was the victory for?
Ping Pong
Scholastic Decathalon
10. What is the bane of Ms. Darbus's existence?
Cell phones
The school song
The stupid math teacher
11. What is Kelsi's role in the "Musicale"?
She is the composer
She is the lead actress
She is the set designer
Trick question - she's so lacking in talent that Ms. Darbus wouldn't permit her to be involved.
12. Which of the following does not occur during auditions for the musicale?
The basketball team breaks in and says, 'Get your head in the game!'
Two teenagers do a kind of interpretive dance to the tryout song
A young lady sings the tryout song in opera style
A young man dances gracefully across the stage before crashing off camera
13. Why does Sharpay gripe at Ryan after their audition?
He ran into her near the end, knocking her down.
He sang a few notes off key
She wasn't a fan of his kicky green hat
She told him not to do the jazz squares.
14. When Ryan and Sharpay discover that they have competition for the lead roles in the musicale, what does Ryan think must have happened?
His jazz squares weren't crowd pleasing after all
Ms. Darbus is annoyed with him for wearing hats all the time
The principal got Troy an "in" because he's a basketball player
They've been Punk'd and Ashton will appear at any moment
15. After his classmates discover that Troy is auditioning for the musical, three of them reveal secrets about themselves. Which of the following is *not* one of the secrets?
One of them is writing a novel
One of them loves to bake
One of them loves to dance, hip-hop style
One of them plays the cello
16. What does Sharpay claim Gabriella did to her?
Maliciously spilled her lunch on Sharpay's top
Pushed her down the stairs
Sabotaged her audition
Stole the camel from the set
17. Which of the girls at the school has captured Zeke's heart?
Ms. Darbus
18. What does Gabriella tell Troy she did on the same day that she scored 41 points in a league championship game?
Received a top score on the SAT
Invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn
Sprained her ankle
Stole the opposing school's mascot
19. Where does Chad say his mother put her picture of Michael Crawford?
In Chad's school locker
In the refrigerator
On the refrigerator
Under her pillow
20. Who was the first sophomore to ever make the varsity basketball team?
21. How do Chad and Taylor conspire to keep Troy and Gabriella from going through with the callback for the musicale?
They convince Ms. Darbus to switch the audition time
They flood the auditorium where the auditions are supposed to take place
They kidnap Troy and put him through mind modification
They record a video of Troy saying that singing and Gabriella mean nothing to him
22. How do Sharpay and Ryan conspire to keep Troy and Gabriella from singing in their callback?
They convince Ms. Darbus to switch the audition time
They kidnap Troy and put him through mind modification
They make them both think that their singing is embarrassing
They tell Troy's dad, who also happens to be the basketball coach, what Troy and Gabriella are plan
23. Who are the co-presidents of the drama club?
Kelsi and Sharpay
Sharpay and Ryan
Troy and Gabriella
Zeke and Chad
24. What do the basketball players give the scholastic team on the day of the decathalon?
Atomic wedgies
A cake shaped like Pi
High fives
25. The scholastic team and the basketball team work together to make sure that Gabriella and Troy can attend their audition. How do they help this happen?
They cut the power to the gym and create a stink in the lab
They decide to have a sit-in on the basketball court
They lure Sharpay and Ryan to a community players showing of Gypsy
They make Ms. Darbus stay in the auditorium until she relents

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