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How Well Do You Know: Happy Endings, Season 1 Recap
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1. "Pilot": This unusual mode of conveyance figures most prominently in the wedding-day breakup of Alex and Dave:
Hang glider
Jet ski
2. "Pilot": Post break-up Dave hooks up with a girl sporting a tramp-stamp that reads:
Eat at the Y
Be My Baby Daddy
Millions Served
Stay Grounded
3. "Pilot": The episode culminates in a celebration for which event?
Penny's birthday
Jane and Brad announcing that they're expecting
Dave getting a new job
Max becoming an uncle
4. "The Quicksand Girlfriend": Dave appears to have finally rid himself of his girlfriend Andrea when she announces she got a job ___________ only to see her __________:
Teaching kindergarten / busted for drug possession
As an acrobat in a circus / falling down an elevator shaft
As a TV weather girl / struck by lightning
As a backup dancer for Ke$ha's tour / run over by a bicycle
5. "The Quicksand Girlfriend": Alex ignores Janes advice in selecting a new roommate, and therefore ends up on a website called:
6. "Your Couples Friends & Neighbors": Max discovers that food is once again missing from the refrigerator. Before the real explanation comes to light, the prevailing theory is that:
Dave eat/sleepwalks
They have Apartment Gnomes
Max hallucinates about buying the food in the first place
The food self-destructs when the expiration date is met
7. "Your Couples Friends & Neighbors": Dave and Max discover the loft where Malcolm has been squatting, and Dave falls through the hole in the floor thanks to their fear of:
The dark
8. "Mein Coming Out": Max's parents don't' think he's gay. But they do think that Dave's gay. Why?
Alex told them so
C'mon, who doesn't think Dave is gay?
He keeps remarking about his pedicure
Max's mom found his porn under Dave's mattress
9. "Mein Coming Out": Doug Hitler breaks up with Penny because:
She has a mole on her face
She's not Jewish
He think she's a Hitler-obsessed
He mistakenly thinks she's already married
10. "Like Father, Like Gun": As she discovers when faced with an attractive foreign man, Drunk Penny realizes that she can speak a lot of:
11. "Like Father, Like Gun": Seeking the ultimate targets at which to shoot foam pellets, Max, Dave and Alex target a guy having sex across the street. The end result is:
A city-wide blackout
They miss entirely
They kill a rare peregrine falcon that has enraptured the city
They start an apartment building fire
12. "Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do": What was the name of Penny's Krav Maga alter-ego, which she lost when Jane fake-stabbed her 30 times, but which she found again when she beat down Dave and then Fosse-slapped Jane into submission?
13. "Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do": Who did Max accuse of being a gaycist, after s/he set up Max with someone just on the basis of them both being gay?
14. "Dave of the Dead": In a flood of unrealistic optimism, Dave quits his job to open his own restaurant called:
Sloppy Joe's
Manna from Heaven
Pangea Grill
15. "Dave of the Dead": Penny leaves a 90s themed bat mitzvah populated by hipsters by:
Cutting the power
A window
Dancing out
Jet pack
16. "The Girl With the David Tattoo": Alex claims that she got her Dave tattoo removed because she got tired of telling everyone she was a ___________ fan:
Dave Matthews
Super Dave Osbourne
Dave Barry
Leonardo Dave-inci
17. "The Girl With the David Tattoo": Which Good Bad Movie is supposed to figure into Max's date with Adrian?
Flash Gordon
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Happening
18. "You've Got Male": Dave's old teacher Mr. Fitzgerald reneges on a promise to teach Dave how to make this, which would greatly enhance Dave's sandwiches:
Homemade mustard
Muenster-ella cheese
19. "You've Got Male": It comes to light that Max and another local business owner mugged a man wearing a foam _________ costume:
Ice cream cone
Cell phone
Coffee cup
20. "Bo Fight": Getting pumped up for revenge, when Dave slaps Max high five, he immediately:
Slaps Max in the face
21. "Bo Fight": At the end of the episode, a voiceover during a montage of the group's various relationships actually turns out to be dialog from:
Monday Night Football
The Bachelor
SpongeBob Squarepants
The MTV Movie Awards
22. "Barefoot Pedaler": Penny and the electric fiddler for Barefoot Pedaler made love like:
Warrior poets
Dave and Maddie from Moonlighting
Baywatch lifeguards
Norsemen of yore
23. "Barefoot Pedaler": The episode winds down with just about the several members of the group:
Crowd surfing
Getting tasered
Locked in a concert backstage
Punched out by Alex
24. "The Shershow Redemption": What happened when Shershow made smoothies?
He electrocuted himself
Alex, Penny and Brad contracted food poisoning
The building caught on fire
A Hazmat squad was summoned
25. "The Shershow Redemption": With regards to the episode, which is not true?
Alex introduces herself as being with housekeeping to a half-naked woman
Max officiated the crap out of Shershow's ceremony
Penny's "finance" channeled Pacino in Scent of a Woman
Penny rode a podium
26. "Why Can't You Read Me?": The gang theorizes about the possibilities of a reality show built around:
IKEA furniture salesmen
The cast of Police Academy
That creepy Burger King mascot
27. "Why Can't You Read Me?": Dave's enthusiasm for watching his sex tape is dampened by:
The bad lighting
The fact that he thinks he looks like a sandwich
A telestrator
His dismount

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