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How Well Do You Know: 2011: The Year in Kate Upton
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1. Kate Upton sprang to fame in 2011 beginning with her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Can you remember who was on the cover?
Marisa Miller
Brooklyn Decker
Irina Shayk
Bar Refaeli
2. While Kate wasn't featured on the cover (it's only a matter of time, right?), she appeared:
On the inset page
On the back cover
As the only bodypainting model featured in this year's edition
On a special 3D pull-out advertisement for Apple
3. After the Swimsuit Issue, Kate made her next splash when a video showing her rendition of The Dougie went viral with a bullet. At which venue was she recorded doing the dance?
On a tropical island
On a New York City subway
In a Las Vegas casino
An NBA game
By way of explanation.....
Dig, Kate's Dougie:
Kate's playfulness was captured in this bikini video she recorded for which product?
By way of explanation.....
See for yourself:
5. Nothing came of the rumors, which Kate demurely denied, that had the bombshell dating this hip hop star:
Flo Rida
Kanye West
We thought and thought and thought but couldn't come up with any objection when this magazine named Kate its Woman of Summer, featuring her in an interview and accompanying photoshoot:
Entertainment Weekly
7. Kate participated in the MLB season in this important way:
Caught Derek Jeter's 3000th hit
Played in the All-Star Celebrity Softball game
Threw out the first pitch for Game 1 of the World Series
Donned the Washington costume in the Presidents Race at a Nationals game
By way of explanation.....
8. Even if you don't know the right answer, you probably don't care:

Here's Kate strutting her considerable stuff at which important fashion industry event?
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
The season premiere of Project Runway
The debut of Calvin Klein's new swimwear line
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
9. Here's Kate in a photo taken from a themed photoshoot that Complex magazine ran. In fitting with the rest of the photos, what is Kate holding here?
A plunger
A mop
A pitchfork
A rake
By way of explanation.....
Meanwhile, down on the farm....
10. Throughout the year, Kate made quite an impression modeling for this swimwear company, including in this "bridal" photoshoot:
Victoria's Secret
Beach Bunny
Pacific Sunwear
11. So, here's Kate at Heidi Klum's Halloween party, in which she had a Marilyn Monroe-inspired look going:

...until you got down to her arms, which were done up ala a:
By way of explanation.....
It still works:
Here's Kate providing the long bright spot in an otherwise godawful trailer for which 2012 film?
One For the Money
This Means War
The Three Stooges
13. Kate made news toward the end of the year for her involvement with a pair of athletes.

When a certain hockey player tweeted the following a game in which he played:
@KateUpton since u couldn’t stop looking @HLundqvist30 last night now u can follow him.......#sorryhesmarried.
Kate responded with the following killshot:
Weren’t you supposed to be focusing on a game? least we all agree I wasn’t staring at you.
Zdeno Chara
Alexander Ovechkin
Sean Avery
Ironcially, Henrik Lundqvist
14. A few weeks later, the media had a field day when Kate was romantically linked with this NFL quarterback:
Mark Sanchez
Kyle Orton
Kyle Boller
Eli Manning
This publication stated the obvious in naming Ms. Upton as having the Body of the Year:
Again, it was Complex

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