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How Well Do You Know: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
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1. The movie begins with Robin and his friend Peter in prison. What were they accused of?
Stealing horses
Killing live stock
Stealing bread
Being infidels
2. Peter is shot with an arrow during their escape. What does Peter give to Robin to give to his sister Marian?
A necklace
A ring
A bracelet
A medallion
3. Robin's father Lord Locksley was killed by the Sheriff. What crime was he accused of?
Worshipping the devil
Eating the dead
Witch craft
4. Azeem says to Robin: "In my country, we talk to women, we do not _______"
Yell at them
Trick them
Hit them
Drug them
5. Robin stops the Sheriff's men from killing a small boy. What crime did the boy commit?
He was trespassing on the Sheriff's land
He was poaching a deer
He robbed a coach
He trapped rabbits
6. How do the Guy of Gisbourne and the Sheriff know each other?
They are brothers
They were childhood friends
They are in-laws
They are cousins
7. Azeem is disgusted by how uneducated Robin is. Which of Azeem's belongings is Robin confused by?
His telescope
His sword
His black powder
His flint
8. Robin and Azeem keep the Sheriff's men at bay by hiding in Sherwood forest. The forest is supposedly haunted, but the ghost are actually:
Rags hanging from trees
Wind chimes
Mirrors hanging from trees
9. When Robin fights Little John, he discovers John is deathly afraid of what?
10. Robin is offended that people call Azeem a savage. What culture is Azeem actually from?
11. What advice does Marian give Robin when he sneaks into Sunday mass?
Steer clear of the Sheriff
Change your clothes
Take a bath
Tell King Richard of the Sheriff's plans
12. The Sheriff screams at Robin: "I'm going to cut your heart out with a ____!"
13. Robin insults Will Scarlett, who retaliates by trying to throw a knife at him. What does Robin do to stop him?
Slices his arm with his sword
Shoots an arrow though his hand
Hits him with his bow
Punches him
14. The Sheriff has had enough of Robin hood and decides to stop helping the poor. What DOESN'T the Sheriff decide to cancel?
Food scraps for lepers
Merciful beheadings
Shelter for orphans
15. Robin Hood and his band of merry men humiliate Friar Tuck by making him do what?
Pull a wagon
Squeal like a pig
Beg for his life
Piggy-back Robin around
16. Finish the Sheriff's request: "You 10:30, you 10:45 and ____."
Bring a snack
Bring a friend
Bring your A game
Don't be late
17. Robin shows Maid Marian his stolen treasure. What does Marian donate to his cause?
A ring
A dagger
A sword
A medallion
18. A little girl walks up to Azeem and asks him, "Did God ___ you?"
Put a shadow over
19. Robin revels to Marian that he is very angry at his father. What is he mad about his father doing?
Leaving his mother
Beating his mother
Cheating on his mother
Finding another lover after his mother died
20. The Sheriff's witch suggests they hire thugs to defeat Robin Hood and his men. The Sheriff is disgusted because he says they drink the blood of their dead. Who is he referring to?
The Celts
The Baltics
The Aryans
The Slavics
21. What does Robin do to sneak into the Sheriff's hanging celebration?
Wear a mask
Hide in a wagon
Rub manure on himself
Pretend to be a leper
22. Fanny and Little John's son is in danger of being hanged. What animal name does the boy share his name with?
23. Robin Hood appears in just the nick of time to save Marian. What was the Sheriff just about to do with her?
Kill her
Rape her
Escape with her
Marry her
24. Who kills the evil corrupt Bishop?
Friar Tuck
Little John
Robin Hood
25. Which famous actor plays King Richard the Lion Heart?
Sean Connery
Ian McKellen
Jeremy Irons
Patrick Stewart

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