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How Well Do You Know: Doctor Who, Season 6, Part 1
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Yay, 21/21!!!
musicfanaticXD 6/20/11 2:42 am


1. Which U.S. President features as a supporting character in both "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of The Moon"?
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
2. When Amy, Rory and River first meet the Doctor in Utah, he is wearing what kind of hat?
3. What is the full name of the FBI agent played by Mark Sheppard in both "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon"?
Canton Everett Dharma III
Canton Everett Delaware III
Canton Everett Degrassi III
Canton Everett Darwin III
4. How does The Doctor thwart The Silence's plans?
He uses their post-hypnotic suggestion powers against them so that people instinctively kill them on sight
He just starts punching them until they run off crying
He traps them all in the TARDIS then fires them into the heart of the Sun
He gets them to talk about their issues so they can reach a mutually beneficial outcome
5. In "The Curse of the Black Spot", what does The Siren need in order to appear?
6. What shiny item does Toby drop, allowing The Siren to appear and take him away?
A crown
A sceptre
A coin
A rare Pokemon Trading Card
7. Which Doctor Who creature, not seen since Matt Smith took over as The Doctor, re-appeared in "The Doctor's Wife"?
A Cyberman
The Face of Boe
An Ood
The Slitheen
8. According to Idris (a.k.a. The TARDIS), what is the name that The Doctor calls her?
9. Which prolific English actor provided the voice of House in "The Doctor's Wife"?
Toby Jones
David Morrissey
Michael Sheen
Bill Nighy
10. Which popular fantasy author wrote "The Doctor's Wife"?
Neil Gaiman
George R.R. Martin
Terry Pratchett
China Mieville
11. In "The Rebel Flesh", The TARDIS lands outside what appears to be a medieval monastery. Rory says that they can't be in the Dark Ages because he can hear a song by which singer?
Loretta Lynn
Aretha Franklin
Dusty Springfield
12. By what name do the army personnel refer to the bodies they use to work with the incredibly dangerous acid?
13. What meteorological event causes the Gangers to take on a life of their own?
A solar storm
A thunderstorm
An earthquake
An asteroid
14. When the Doctor-Ganger is living through all The Doctor's past regenerations at the start of "The Almost People," we briefly hear him use a different voice to talk about Jelly Babies. Which previous incarnation is this a reference to?
First Doctor (William Hartnell)
Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanation: Tom Baker's version of The Doctor was particularly fond of Jelly Babies.
15. What is the one feature that distinguishes The Doctor from his ganger?
His bowtie
His jacket
His hairstyle
His shoes
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanation: The Doctor was copied by The Flesh before his shoes were destroyed by acid.
16. How does one of the Ganger versions of Jennifer die, allowing the other one to trick Rory into shutting off the cooling system?
Electric shock
Falls into a puddle of acid
Set on fire
Crushed by falling masonry
17. What name does the Doctor-Ganger ask the other gangers to call him?
John Smith
John Doe
John Carpenter
John B
18. What is the name of the base where the Clerics are holding Amy and her baby in "A Good Man Goes To War"?
Devils Run
Demons Flee
Demons Run
Dragons' Den
19. What is the name of Amy's child?
Medley Pond
Melty Pond
Melanie Pond
Melody Pond
20. Members of which Doctor Who races do NOT make an appearance in this episode?
The Sontarans
The Daleks
The Silurians
The Cybermen
21. Who does Melody Pond grow up to be?
The Eye-Patch Lady
Sally Sparrow
River Song

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