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How Well Do You Know: Cocktail
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1. What is the name of the character Tom Cruise plays?
Brian Flanagan
Doug Coughlin
Ethan Hunt
Johnny Castle
2. Where does Brian Work at the beginning of the movie?
T.G.I. Friday's
Burger King
3. Who plays Doug Coughlin, Brian's friend who works with him in the bar?
Paul Newman
Greg Kinnear
Bryan Brown
Jim Stanfield
4. What was the name of the song playing while Brian and Jordan are on the beach?
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Love Really Hurts Without You
Take My Breath Away
Running from the Shelter of Your Love
5. Where does Brian meet Jordan?
In a bar in New York
On the beach in Jamaica
In the United States Army
On Park Avenue
6. How much money does Jordan's father Richard offer Brian to buy him off?
7. What is the name of the girl Brian meets in the bar in New York City?
8. What is the name of the restaurant where Jordan works?
9. At the end of the film Brian says he can't be spooked again, but he is. What does Jordan tell Brian that spooks him?
That she's breaking up with him
She doesn't like beer
That she's having twins
She secretly a celebrity
10. Who plays Kerry, Doug's wife?
Kelly Lynch
Lisa Niemi
Jodie Foster
Nicole Kidman
11. When Brian is reciting a poem in the bar what was one of the things he said?
I am a poet!
I'm the worlds best barmen poet!
I'm a brilliant barmen poet!
I am the world's last barmen poet!
12. How does Doug die?
He dies of natural causes
He has a heart attack
He cuts his throat
He overdoses
13. Doug writes a potential name for a bar on a piece of paper - it becomes the name of the bar that Brian opens at end of the movie. What is the name?
Doug and Brian
Dreams and Cocktails
Brian and Doug
Cocktails and Dreams
14. What is the name of the women that Doug bets Brian he can't get?
15. What object does Brian say "there's a man who makes a billion of these a year, he's a millionaire"
Mini umbrella
16. When Jordan catches Brian leaving with Bonnie, what does she do?
She runs away
She goes over to them and shouts at them
She is devastated and takes an overnight plane back home
She gets angry and kicks things around
17. When Brian and Bonnie split up what does Brian say he left in the fridge?
18. When Brian goes to see Jordan at Jerry's (the restaurant she works at) to apologize, what does she say?
"I like you but I don't want to be with you anymore"
"Go away and get out!"
"She says your sexy little smile isn't going to work this time" and "Did you say you would like to see the specials, sir?"
"I seen you walk of with that women and you disgust me!"
19. After Jordan says, "Would you like to see the specials, sir?" and brings the food out, what does she do?
Starts a food fight
Throws it on the floor
Sits down and eats with him and talks it over
Throws the food all over him
20. When during Brian and Jordan talk about how they're surrounded by millionaires, what name did Jordan say the man who makes shoelaces is called?
21. When Brian announces he is going to Jamaica what was on the poster he has?
A red surf suit
A cocktail
A blue surf jacket
A picture of a beach in Jamaica
22. When Brian is saying he is the last barmen poem, what does someone shout out?
You are very sexy!
Give us a kiss you sexy beast!
You are very sexy, now give us a kiss!
Kiss us you sexy beast!
23. What does Coral order at the bar after Brian recites the poem?
Multiple orgasms
24. What is one of the songs playing in the bar?
Addicted to Love
She's so Lovely
Run for the Shelter of Your Love
The Final Countdown
25. At the end of the film, what's the last thing Brian says after Jordan says she's having twins?
Drinks free, the bar is open!
Drinks all around, the bar is open!
Great, the bar is open!
Cocktails all around, the bar is open!

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