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How Well Do You Know: Archer, Season 1 Recap
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1. "Mole Hunt": Archer confronts his mother angrily about his code name. He states that Duchess was derived from:
Malory's dog
A daytime TV hostess
Some broad Malory hooked up with in the 80s
A vanity license plate in the ISIS parking lot
2. "Mole Hunt": "ISIS isn't your own personal travel agency! It doesn't exist just so you can jet off to:"
Skank City
Hooker Hawaii
Whore Island
3. "Mole Hunt": The password to the ISIS mainframe is:
4. "Training Day": Malory has a severe allergic reaction because someone confused _________ for _________:
Lingonberries / grapes
Zucchini / cucumbers
Raspberries / strawberries
Splenda / Equal
5. "Training Day": Archer and Cyril mistakenly believe that they have killed a call-girl via poisoned:
Sugar cube
6. "Diversity Hire": Through their involvement with new ISIS hire Conway Stern, ____________ looks into pregnancy tests while ________ is suspended:
Pam / Cyril
Scatterbrain Jane / Sterling
Malory / Pam
Cheryl / Lana
7. "Diversity Hire": "You haven't seen the last on Conway Stern - which is not my real name!" We see the last (at least, in this episode) of Conway Stern (or whatever the hell his real name is) minus one:
8. "Killing Utne": Utne's first name is:
9. "Killing Utne": Malory throws a party for Utne so that he will award a contract to ISIS, instead of this rival operation:
10. "Killing Utne": Two teams were sent to kill Utne. One posed as the caterer (with not-pregnant his wife in tow). The other was a blonde posing as a lingerie model who was codenamed:
The Needle
The Waif
The Rose
11. "Honeypot": In his first attempt at seducing Ramon Ramon, Sterling had this cosmetic alteration:
Sprayed himself with pheromones
Had his face glittered (not a euphemism)
Dyed his hair
Had a certain....implant installed
12. "Honeypot": If flashbacks, Sterling throws people's clothes from his balcony because they cannot properly:
Core a pineapple
Get bodily fluids out of silk
Mix a Manhattan
Poach an egg
13. "Honeypot": Cheryl discusses with Pam and Lana rather unusual fantasies about:
Undergoing a sex change
Being murdered
Having dental work done
Filing insurance claims
14. "Skorpio": Before announcing the Skorpio job was awarded to Lana, Malory dangled the prospect in front of Archer, who planned to do this with the bounty:
By a new car
Hire a replacement for Woodhouse
Renew his subscription to the Hooker-of-the-Month club
Redo his kitchen
15. "Skorpio": Malory rendezvouses with Jakov on a boat called:
Chum Guzzler
Low Tide
Moist Dream
Rancid Kelp
16. "Skorpio": Making his way onto Skorpio's superyacht, Archer killed the crewmemeber responsible for the:
Ice sculptures
Radish rosettes
Chocolate fountain
Make-Your-Own Waffle station
17. "Skytianic": What is the name of the blimp rigid airship which ISIS protects from a (phony) bomb threat
18. "Skytanic": Who shoves the bomb off the blimp rigid airship?
Archer and Lana
Cyril and Lana
Pam and Cheryl
Archer and Pam
19. "The Rock": Archer and Lana attempt to break into a ____________ so that ISIS can demonstrate the inherent security flaws and be hired as consultants:
An art museum in Spain
A palace in San Marino
The Vatican
A brothel on Whore Island
20. "The Rock": As he and Lana storm the ODIN-protected palace, Archer insist that Lana recognize his similarity to which movie star?
Burt Reynolds
Sean Connery
Harrison Ford
Steve McQueen
21. "Job Offer": Cheryl tries to turn the computer on by:
Taking off her sweater
Typing "ON"
Rubbing it sensually
Calling it on the telephone
22. "Job Offer": Framboise, the ODIN staff member who was fired after she slept with Archer, was:
The head of HR
A sleeper ISIS agent
The Daughter of the head of Malory's
Lana's long-lost half-sister
23. "Job Offer": Malory's response to Sterling going to work for ODIN includes all of the following, except:
Locking him out of his apartment
Freezing all his accounts
Putting a burn notice on him
Putting a contract out on him
24. "Dial M for Mother": Malory told young Sterling that his father was named:
Black Jack
Iron John
Jumpin' Joe
Sweet Dick Willie
25. "Dial M for Mother": When she finds that that Cyril has been less than faithful, Lana broadcasts that she'll have sex with any ISIS employee:
With a post on her Facebook page
By sending an email blast
By confidentially telling Pam, with the predictable results
By announcing it over the PA system

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