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How Well Do You Know: Inside Man
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1. Dalton's gang all refer to each other by some variation of this name:
2. The thieves enter the bank disguised as:
Security guards
3. Right before the robbery begins, a security guard speaks to a woman standing in line because:
She is dressed inappropriately
She is making jokes about robbing the bank
She has cut in line
She is talking too loudly on her phone
4. The main action in the film is intercut with footage of the hostages (and some of the robbers!) in the bank being interviewed by:
Detective Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington)
Detective Bill Mitchell (Chiwetel Ejiofor)
Both Frazier and Mitchell
Frazier and his boss
5. Dalton drags one Peter Hammond away from the other hostages and apparently beats him, because Hammond:
Will not open the vault
Will not surrender his cell phone
Tries to escape
Tries to grab one of the guns
6. A hostage is ejected from the bank. S/he is:
The man that Dalton beat
A pregnant woman
An elderly man
A child
7. Dalton's people start to dig in this type of room:
A supply room
A restroom
A vault antechamber
An office
8. Who does Madeline White approach with her request to grant her access to the police investigation of the robbery/hostage situation?
The Mayor
The Chief of Police
The Governor
The Archbishop
9. A request for food is sent out to the police. The food initially provided is:
Fruit cups
10. A second young hostage is dragged away from the others and beaten when he:
Takes off his jumpsuit
Tries to barricade a door
Takes of his mask
Begins arguing with Dalton
11. The police pick up an unusual language apparently being spoken in the bank. The language is eventually revealed to be:
12. In the bank, Dalton spends time with a young boy, who shows Dalton:
A Disney animated movie
A very violent video game
Naked lady playing cards
Stolen credit cards
13. Frazier himself is under investigation for his possible involvement in a:
Witness intimidation lawsuit
Check cashing scandal
Civilian shooting
Unwarranted use of force
14. Frazier and Mitchell interview two women who may have been a part of Dalton's gang (one of which is actually Stevie). The women are suspect primarily because of their:
Bust size
Hair color
15. Dalton gives Frazier a riddle to solve. The riddle involves:
Boats and a bartender
Trains and trees
Planes and a piano
A unicycle and a unicorn
16. What is Arthur Case so concerned about, anyway?
Keeping secret the fact that the bank is basically insolvent
That the contents of a safe deposit box stay secret
The true identity of one of the gang members
The true identity of one of the hostages
17. Dalton allows Keith into the bank after Keith tells Dalton one of the demands has been met. What is the demand?
A jet
A warrant for the arrest of Arthur Case
A guarantee of immunity
18. After having been pulled from the case, Frazier has a conversation in an alley with a particular cop who has a story about:
Being left by his wife
Eavesdropping on the mob
A triple homicide scene
A kid pulling a gun on him
19. From the cop's story, Frazier realizes that Dalton has been listening to everything he and his team says. Where is the bug in the van hidden?
In a pizza box
In a cashier's drawer
In a hat
In Frazier's shoe
20. Which of the following is not a discovery made after the bank is stormed?
No money is missing from the vault
The gang used toy guns
All the hostages' clothes and cell phones were destroyed
The hostage execution didn't actually happen
21. What does Frazier realize about the safe deposit boxes in the bank?
One is unaccounted for in the records
None of them were touched during the robbery
There is a secret vault built behind them
Three of them are keyed alike
22. We learn from the final conversation between Case and Madeline that which of the following incriminating objects was in the safe deposit box?
A ring
A diary
A map
A will
23. When the Steves arrive at the bank to pick up Dalton, they say that he has been hiding in the bank for:
Nine days
A week
Two days
Three days
24. How does Frazier end up with the ring?
Dalton mails it to him
Frazier finds it in the supply room
Dalton slips it in his pocket
He recovers it from the safe deposit box
25. In the final scene of the movie, Frazier finds something that Dalton had slipped into his pocket. What is it?
A note that says "Follow the Ring"
A diamond
A gum wrapper
A bullet

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