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How Well Do You Know: Letters to Juliet
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1. Sophie makes her living as a:
waitress / bartender
magazine fact-checker
nightclub singer
2. Sophie is heading off to Verona, Italy for a pre-honeymoon with her fiance Victor, a(n):
travel agent
opera singer
car salesman
3. Sophie meets the Secretaries of Juliet at the courtyard after seeing one of the secretaries taking the letters off of the wall. She winds up back in the company of the secretaries after:
convincing Victor that she wanted to spend her time in Italy writing letters with the secretaries
meeting up with one of them at a local cafe
Victor tastes the food given to her by one of the secretaries' mother
deciding to "fact check" the story of the Secretaries of Juliet
4. While collecting the day's letters off the wall, Sophie finds a decades-old letter that has gone unanswered. Where did she find it?
behind the statue of Juliet
stuck in a crevice behind a loose brick
fallen behind a nearby tree
on top of the wall, secured by a rock
5. Sophie meets Claire, the woman who wrote the letter she answered decades later, after:
Claire calls the phone number Sophie had supplied in her letter
Sophie takes a trip to the return address posted on the letter
Claire stops by Sophie's hotel and asks Victor where she can meet the woman who penned the "touching" reply
her grandson shows up and scolds Sophie for bringing this back up after so many years
6. Claire tells Sophie that she is going to look for her long lost love Lorenzo, escorted by her grandson Charlie. Sophie invites herself along on the trip after realizing:
this would make a great story
she is attracted to Charlie
this is her chance to see more of the countryside
she needed something to do because she didn't want to be around Victor
7. After meeting up with a Lorenzo Bartolini in Siena who is not "the one", Sophie confirms she is able to join Claire and Charlie on the rest of their trip. Why is her calendar clear at this point?
Victor wants to stay at a wine auction out of town
Victor is stuck in bed with the flu and doesn't want Sophie to catch his illness
Sophie tells Victor she doesn't want to marry him and they go their separate ways
Victor is taking cooking lessons from one of the secretaries' mother for the remainder of the trip so his days are already filled
8. What is "elitist Oxford prig" Charlie's occupation?
9. Less-than-chivalrous Charlie attempts to turn over a new leaf by:
telling Sophie she is the prettiest woman he's ever seen
buying Sophie a necklace she had been eyeing
asking Sophie to tour Siena with him
telling Claire he will start acting like a gentleman
10. While touring Siena, Charlie opens up to Claire about:
his desire for a career other than law
his life with his grandmother after the death of his parents
his unwillingness to share his private life with anyone
his desire to stay single forever, since "love only leads to heartbreak"
11. Charlie lashes out at Sophie and calls off the trip after:
Claire decides to end the trip and Sophie insists she continue
Claire decides she doesn't want to see how Lorenzo has aged after all those years
Sophie admits she only wanted to tag along so she could write a story about Claire and her quest
they go to a cemetery to visit a Lorenzo Bartolini who just passed away
12. After a trying trip to the cemetery, Claire comforts Sophie by:
singing to her
brushing her hair
hugging her and rocking her to sleep
painting her fingernails
13. After deciding the trip will come to an end, Claire, Charlie and Sophie make an unplanned stop that results in accidentally finding THE Lorenzo Bartolini. Where do they stop?
a cafe outside the hotel they've been staying at
the wine auction that Victor has been attending
a community garden
a vineyard that makes Claire's favorite wine
14. Although they are in the right place, the group needs to wait for Lorenzo. Where is he?
at a wine auction
riding his horse
in the house preparing lunch
in a meeting with a distributor
15. Claire urges Charlie to go after Sophie if she is really what he wants. He races back to Verona, but leaves without telling Sophie how he feels. What does he see that changes his mind?
Sophie and Victor hugging on the hotel balcony
Sophie and Victor, dressed in wedding attire, going to the courthouse
Sophie, standing outside the hotel room balcony, calling Victor's name
Sophie, crying at the bedroom window
16. Back home, Sophie has a pretty great day. First she finds out her story on Claire is getting printed - what else happens?
she marries Victor
she gets an invitation to Claire and Lorenzo's wedding in Italy
Victor's restaurant opens to rave reviews
she gets a surprise visitor - Charlie
17. Sophie ties up one last end before going to Italy for Claire and Lorenzo's wedding - what is it?
she breaks off her engagement to Victor
she quits her job
she buys a one-way ticket to Italy
she marries Victor
18. During her wedding reception, Claire:
announces that she thinks of Sophie as family
tells Charlie to go after Sophie again, as she is there without Victor
reads to the crowd the letter Sophie had written her as Juliet
tells the wedding guests how Sophie helped bring her family together
19. Sophie and Charlie declare their love for each other ala Romeo and Juliet, complete with balcony, after Charlie clears up a misunderstanding. What is it?
he will move to New York so Sophie can continue writing there
He is not in love with anyone other than Sophie
He did go after her when she left Claire and Lorenzo at the vineyard, but lost his nerve after seeing she was hugging Victor back at the hotel
His wedding guest is his cousin, not his girlfriend
20. Letters to Juliet features the performances of two actors who are married to each other. Which characters are married in real life?
Sophie and Victor
Claire and Lorenzo
Sophie and Charlie
Patricia and Bobby (Sophie's magazine editor)
By way of explanation.....
Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero dated briefly (and had a son together) in the 60's. They married in 2006.

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