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How Well Do You Know: True Grit
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1. After identifying her father's body, Mattie Ross makes a deal with the undertaker. She will pay him the fee he is charging for the embalming, casket and shipping of the body back home, if:
she is allowed to pick out her father's casket
she can stay the night, as she has no more money
he will cut her a deal on the obituary notice
he will help her find a lawyer in town who can help her settle her father's affairs
2. Mattie decides to hire U.S. Marshal Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn after the sheriff tells her that Rooster is the ________ bounty hunter.
most accurate
3. Mattie gets the money needed to pay Rooster by:
prostituting herself
getting a businessman to buy back the horses he sold to Mattie's father
selling her father's saddle and gun
playing a game of luck at the local saloon
4. After failing to entice Rooster to accept the assignment she has proposed, Mattie heads back to the boarding house. The next morning she awakens to find someone in her room, waiting to speak to her - who?
a Texas Ranger, also in pursuit of Tom Chaney
Rooster, suddenly interested in the money
the sheriff, unhappy that a 14-yr old girl is causing such a stir
Mattie's family's lawyer, angry that he has been dragged into the dispute over the horses
5. Mattie refuses the offer of Texas Ranger LaBoeuf to:
join forces with Mattie and Cogburn to find Chaney
find Chaney for half the fee she is offering Rooster
uh, find a way to "pass the time"
get the courts involved in the Chaney case
6. Mattie confronts Rooster, who she finds sleeping:
in an outhouse
in the courthouse
on the porch of her boarding house
in the back room of a Chinese grocery
7. Mattie goes back to the Chinese grocery at 7:00AM to meet up with Rooster, to find that:
he's passed out drunk
he is no longer staying there
he has intentionally left early on the hunt for Chaney
he has changed his mind and does not want the job
8. What happens after Mattie crosses the river and meets up with LaBoeuf and Rooster, both of whom are unhappy to see her?
Rooster tells her she is a hindrance to the search and he wants her gone
Rooster offers her some whiskey
LaBoeuf starts spanking her and hitting her with a switch
LaBoeuf tries to kiss her
9. Mattie is upset to find out that:
Rooster and LaBoeuf plan on bringing Chaney back to TX to pay for crimes he has committed there, rather than to pay for killing Mattie's father in AR
Rooster and LaBoeuf have lost track of Chaney's trail and have no idea where he is
Rooster is ready to call it quits, as he does not like working with a partner
LaBoeuf is trying to find ways to get rid of her
10. LaBoeuf leaves the group in a huff after:
Mattie refuses his advances
Rooster insults his abilities as a Texas Ranger and ends their agreement
Rooster claims he is a lousy marksman
Rooster's constant drinking angers him, as he does not drink
11. Cogburn realizes that he and Mattie are being followed. Who do they meet up with?
Mattie's mother
Chaney and his gang
a doctor
12. Mattie and Rooster find shelter for the night at a cabin after:
smoking out the outlaws who are lodging inside
claiming to be a lost father and his sick daughter looking for lodging
paying the doctor for a place to stay for the night
killing the family who lived inside the home
13. Rooster's plan to catch Ned Pepper and his gang winds up going awry, thanks to an unexpected problem - what is it?
a runaway horse spooks Ned's horse, who runs away with him
the cabin's inhabitants set the cabin on fire, alerting Ned's gang to a problem
Mattie makes a noise, alerting Ned to their presence
LaBoeuf shows up at the cabin
14. An intoxicated Rooster and an injured LaBoeuf try to one-up each other by:
trying to punch each other until one of them is unable to get up
seeing who can ride the farthest while blindfolded
comparing the sizes of their...guns
shooting pieces of cornbread thrown up in the air, to prove who is a better marksman
15. LaBoeuf decides to leave once again after another set of arguments with Rooster. He and Mattie converse before he leaves, and realize something - what?
they both think Rooster is an overrated bounty hunter
they are in love with each other
they have a newfound respect for each other
they both think Chaney is gone for good.
16. Mattie goes to fetch water the morning after LaBoeuf leaves, and discovers _________ on the other side of the creek.
Tom Chaney
Ned Pepper
another bounty hunter
17. After Chaney and Lucky Ned kidnap Mattie, they make a deal with Rooster, who promptly leaves. What the gang doesn't realize is:
Mattie is equipped with a gun
Rooster has met up with LaBoeuf and they have outlined a plan
Ned has switched sides and has now teamed up with Rooster
Rooster had snuck back to their location
By way of explanation.....
Mattie had been equipped with a gun, but Chaney had disarmed her by this point after their confrontation in the creek.
18. Who shoots and kills Tom Chaney?
Ned Pepper
19. Unfortunately for Mattie, her satisfaction at killing Chaney is short-lived, as she winds up fighting for her own life shortly after. What happens?
She is taken hostage by Ned
she is hit by a bullet meant for Ned Pepper
she falls down a ditch and gets bitten by a snake
she slips off a cliff and hangs for her life
20. Rooster rushes Mattie to a doctor after the snake bite, eventually having to carry her to a house after the horse collapses due to exhaustion. What happens to Mattie?
she loses her arm
nothing - she's fine
she dies
she becomes paralyzed
21. 25 years later, Mattie travels to Memphis to meet up with Rooster, who is part of a traveling show. She is looking forward to giving him the $50 she has owed him all these years. What derails the plans to meet up?
Mattie's train breaks down in Little Rock
Rooster had died a few days prior to Mattie's visit
Rooster's show unexpectedly moves out of Memphis before Mattie arrives
Mattie suddenly decides she doesn't want to see a frail, older Rooster after so many years
22. Mattie shows respect for Rooster by:
having his body dug up and moved to her family's plot
buying him a nice headstone with the $50 she owed him
placing an ad in the local news-post telling of Rooster's heroics in saving her life
finding Rooster's daughter and giving her the money that was owed Rooster

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