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How Well Do You Know: Flash Gordon
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1. Sing Flash's theme song (yes, out loud): Flash! ~Ahh~ahh~ is repeated four times, each time followed by a phrase. Which phrase is the last one?
~He's a miracle!~
~Savior of the universe!~
~King of the impossible!~
~He'll save every one of us!~
2. We first meet Flash Gordon at an airstrip as he flies home from vacation. Who else is in the plane?
A pilot, Dale Arden, and Flash's teammates
Two pilots and Dale Arden
Flash pilots the plane solo
Noted scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov
3. At the beginning of the movie, an unseen voice is subjecting Earth to destructive forces. Which of these is not shown?
Volcanic Eruption
4. One of the pilots has Flash sign a magazine for his son Buzz. Flash is on the cover of which magazine?
Sports Illustrated
5. Flash is the quarterback for which team?
New York Giants
New York Jets
Atlanta Astros
Philadelphia Eagles
6. Dr. Hans Zarkov is an ex employee of which agency?
Russian Space Federation
European Space Agency
World Space Command
7. Who plays the prince of Ardentia, whose tribute to Ming is "My loyalty. ... without measure"?
Brian Blessed
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Geoffrey Holder
George Harris
8. Flash has a brief moment of glory in resisting Ming's guards, but is stopped cold when:
Zarkov throws an egg at his head
Dale throws an egg at his head
Vultan clubs him on the head
Ming uses his ring to paralyze him
9. "Look, water is leaking from their eyes." How is Flash executed?
Lethal injection
Firing squad
Gas chamber
10. Barbarella had nothing on the Princess Aura. What is the name of her secret pleasure moon?
The Sea of Fire
11. Dr. Zarkov's mind is wiped of his memories. Klytus instructs Level 3 reprogramming, but General Kala orders Level ___
This laser goes to eleven.
12. How does Dale escape her quarters?
She gets a slave drunk on appletinis
Flash uses telepathy to show her the way out
Aura sneaks her out
Zarkov unlocks her door
13. Why does Aura bring Flash to Prince Barin?
She enjoys two men fighting over her.
She's off to play doctor with her lover.
She thinks they should team up and fight Ming.
She's waiting for Ming to marry Dale.
14. How many times does Flash thrust his arm into the wood beast stump before getting "stung"?
15. What is Article 17 of Ming's Law?
Ming must marry once each year
Rebellious princes forfeit their kingdoms
Right of trial by combat
Any request for asylum must be honored
16. Zarkov calculates that The Moon will crash into the Earth in:
Fourteen hours, nine minutes, and twenty seconds.
Nine hours and fourteen minutes, give or take.
Thirty seven minutes.
29 hours Mongo Mean Time.
17. What does Ming offer to Flash?
His daughter Aura to do with as he wishes.
A kingdom of his own.
Freedom, if he leaves Dale behind.
Ming the Merciless does not offer, he takes.
18. Who delivers the excellent slam "Keeping our word is one of the things that make us better than you"?
19. Who detonates the mine on the rocket Ajax?
20. What message is on the wall of the cell holding Barin and Zarkov?
Death to Ming
For a Good Time, Call Aura
Long Live Flash
Hail Ming
21. During the wedding, a rocketship trails a banner stating what, "Under pain of death"?
Hail Ming.
All hail Dale Arden.
All creatures will make merry.
Citizens of Mongo pledge loyalty to Ming.
22. As Flash heads toward certain doom, he asks Vultan to tell Dale:
Dale, what a damn shame.
It's all just a bad dream.
I'll meet her in the end zone.
I know it would have been good.
23. What is the fate of General Kala?
Klytus kills her.
Flash throws her onto spikes
Barin shoots her
She escapes on a rocket cycle
24. What is the last thing Flash says to Ming?
Your power's fading, Ming.
Do whatever you want with me, just let Dale go.
Your reign is over, Ming. Have a nice day.
My name is Flash Gordon. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
25. Campy as it may have been, the movie earned three BAFTA nominations. Who produced the movie?
Joel Silver
Michael Bay
Albert Broccoli
Dino De Laurentiis

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