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How Well Do You Know: The Other Guys
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1. After another successful (and highly destructive) drug bust, "rock star" cops Hightower and Danson receive accolades in the police station. Danson attempts to tell a story about a successful personality, but is constantly interrupted by fellow officers. What celebrity is he trying to talk about?
George W. Bush
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Cruise
Oprah Winfrey
2. Danson and Hightower invite *most* of their comrades to a celebratory dinner in their honor. Hightower mentions a few celebrities in attendance - who is not mentioned?
Brody Jenner
Bai Ling
Kim Kardashian
"the short bitch from Jersey Shore"
3. Terry Hoitz attends a not-so-supportive group for police officers who have fired their guns in the line of duty. Who did Terry admit to shooting?
Derek Jeter
Donald Trump
Sarah Jessica Parker
Rudolph Guiliani
4. Officers Martin and Fosse convince the gullible Gamble to:
arrest a "suspicious-looking" man - who turns out to be an undercover police officer
practice handcuffing - on himself
shoot his gun in the office
prank call the Captain
5. Captain Gene Mauch works for the police force during the day - where is his side job?
Popeye's Chicken
Bed Bath & Beyond
a movie theater
Victoria's Secret
6. Danson and Hightower meet their untimely deaths when:
their car crashes into a donut shop
a wrecking ball they are trying to "tame" crushes them
Hoitz and Gamble's car gets away from them and runs Danson and Hightower down
they jump off the roof of a 20-story building
7. While heading to a crime scene under duress, Gamble deals with harassment from Hoitz, Fosse and Martin over his choice of transportation:
a Segway
a Prius
8. After an arrest goes horribly wrong - resulting in a stolen Prius with investment banker David Ershon inside the car - Hoitz and Gamble are called into the Captain's office, where they meet up with Wesley, Ershon's head of security. The man tells Hoitz he loves 3 things in this world - which is not one of them?
the fear in a man's eyes when he knows Wesley is about to hurt him
french fried potatoes
Kylie Minogue
the dimples above a woman's buttocks
9. While eating dinner with Gamble and his hot wife Sheila, Hoitz learns that Gamble is an inventor of sorts. What did he invent?
exercise equipment
GPS for police and fire crews
video games
mobile phone apps
10. What unused items do Hoitz and Gamble find in the recovered Prius?
lottery tickets
gift cards
11. Hoitz confronts his ex-girlfriend, expressing his love for her, while she is:
cooking at a restaurant
washing laundry
dancing ballet
12. Gamble buys Hoitz a gift - a mug that says "FBI", with a slogan underneath. On the mug, "FBI" stands for:
female body inspector
full-blooded Irishman
funny, beautiful and intelligent
funny but idiotic
13. After a building explosion takes out a potential lead, Gamble and Hoitz lay on the ground, slightly injured, arguing about....what?
Gamble's wife
Star Wars
14. Gamble tells Hoitz about his past - while in college, Gamble was:
a beauty pageant champion
a track star
a drug runner
a pimp
15. After Ershon is put on the spot by Hoitz and Gamble, he bribes them with:
sports and theater tickets
top notch Scotch
dinners at the restaurant he owns
16. After being taken out by Ershon's "security force", Hoitz and Gamble awaken to find themselves...where?
New Orleans
Las Vegas
17. The Captain frequently quotes song lyrics from which musical act while scolding or talking to Hoitz and Gamble?
Salt 'N Pepa
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
18. After demanding that Hoitz and Gamble turn in their badges, the Captain gives something to Gamble. What is it?
a child's toy police badge
pepper spray
a rape whistle
19. Gamble tells Hoitz that working with him is like working with:
The Hulk
Captain America
20. After being demoted, Hoitz winds up as a:
traffic cop
court transcriber
21. Hoitz: "Where'd you learn how to drive like that?" Gamble: ______________
"Driving my mother home from the bars when I was 11."
"Grand Theft Auto."
22. Hoitz, Gamble and Ershon get rid of a pesky enemy helicopter by:
shining a mirror in the pilot's eyes
getting folks at a driving range to hit it with golf balls
shooting at it with a BB gun
one word: sniper
23. Gamble shares a piece of information that Hoitz can't believe. What is it?
Gamble has a second (hotter) wife in New Jersey
Gamble won the NY Lottery the night before
Gamble lost his virginity to Heather Locklear
Gamble's wife has a twin sister he'd like to set Hoitz up with

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