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How Well Do You Know: The Long Kiss Goodnight
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Samantha Caine was born eight years ago on a beach in New Jersey. She entered the world fully clothes with clothes she doesn’t remember buying. What do “they” call her condition?
focal retrograde amnesia
repressed lacunar amnesia
dissociative post-traumatic amnesia
transient global amnesia
When Samantha woke up on that long-ago day, she was pregnant with Caitlin. What is the name of Caitlin’s teddy bear?
Mr Nelson
Mr Chesterfield
Mr Perkins
Mr Winston
Samantha has hired a low-rent detective Mitch Hennessy to find out who she really is. When we first see Mitch, what seedy activity is he up to?
selling mail-order brides
hot-wiring a car
claiming to be a psychic
faking a prostitution bust
Meanwhile, in the high-security Jersey Correctional Facility, One-Eyed Jack goes absolutely crazy when he sees Samantha on television, at a:
nativity play
Santa Claus parade
Christmas tree lighting
Samantha does something very surprising. Who else do that?
One-Eyed Jack escaped after seeing something on TV that disturbed him. Timothy saw it too:
Out of This World
Saved By The Bell
Baywatch Nights
Full House
Turns out, Samantha was recruited in the seventies for a secret assassination program called:
Samantha’s real name is:
Charlene Elizabeth Baltimore
Charlene Elizabeth Houston
Charlene Elizabeth Boston
Charlene Elizabeth Sandiego
Hennessy sings what he does so he’ll remember it. What tune does he sing to?
Dust My Broom, by Elmore James
Mannish Boy, by Muddy Waters
Kindhearted Woman Blues, by Robert Johnson
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, by John Lee Hooker
Samantha and Mitch contact an grouchy old contact of Sam’s, Nathan Waldman. They arrange to meet him at a railway station, but are ambushed by Timothy’s men. They jumped out of a window, it was very exciting. Tomorrow:
they go to the park
they go to the fair
they go to the movies
they go to the zoo
Waldman carries three guns, one hip, one shoulder and one right next to:
Mr Jingles
Mr Salty
Mr Wally
Mr Handsome
Is Mitch thinking what Samantha’s thinking? What is Mitch thinking about?
how he’s going to get shot in the head
how Charlie’s going to use him as bait for head-hunters
how Charlie is going to kill him and leave him in a ditch
how much his balls hurt
Samantha’s former fiancé Luke is played by:
Bruce Greenwood
David Morse
Terry O’Quinn
Danny Huston
Samantha remembers everything about Luke, including all of the following except that he is a terrorist code-named Daedalus, and also :
he only eats soup
he doesn’t own a TV
he cuts his own hair
he sits when he pees
Nathan has tracked down Samantha and Mitch, thanks to an address he found in Mitch’s notebook between the address of a topless bar and a picture of what looks like a man’s penis but is actually a:
In a flashback to New Jersey eight years ago, One-Eyed Jack lost his eye when Charlie stabbed him with:
a syringe
a pencil
an icicle
her finger
Charlie tries to seduce the coloured help, but Mitch isn’t buying that she’s actually attracted to him because last time he was blown:
gas cost eighty cents a gallon
a bottle of vodka cost four ninety-nine
a pack of Newports cost forty cents
candy bars cost a nickel
Mitch would have been here sooner to save Samantha’s life, but he was busy thinking up a line about:
a ham on rye
a P.B. and J
a Sloppy Joe
a B.L.T.
Which of Samantha’s pupils learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of smoking – namely that your teacher might appear holding an automatic weapon?
The secret plot between the CIA and the terrorists to blow up a north-eastern town is code-named:
Operation Pocketmoney
Operation Honeymoon
Operation Bedlam
Operation Northwood
Samantha is dismissive of Mitch’s marksmanship, saying:
he couldn’t hit a wall if he was touching it with his nose
he couldn’t hit a lake if he were standing at the bottom
he couldn’t hit a bus if he was sitting in it
he couldn’t hit his [redacted] if he stuck his gun in his crotch
Captured again, it’s always a pleasure for Mitch to wait for Timothy. By the way, Mitch wants to tell him a story involving which famous Christmas ruiner?
Ebenezer Scrooge
Burgermeister Meisterburger
the Grinch
Old Man Potter
Samantha and Caitlin break out of their “left alone to die” situation, thanks to some Macgyver-style antics involving:
a paperclip and a ballpoint pen
a potato peeler and a thermostat
a toy baby doll and a meat hook
a frozen cow carcass and a cigarette stub
Fortunately, 4,000 people aren’t instantly evaporated by the chemical bomb, but what upstate New York landmark is blown up?
Susan B. Anthony House, Rochester
the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown
the Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls
the Lucy and Desi Museum, Jamestown
Charlene has one favour to ask the President, and that is to arrange for Mitch to appear on:
Larry King
Jay Leno

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