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How Well Do You Know: The Mechanic
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1. The first man Bishop kills in the film meets his end by:
Being blown up
2. Explaining his modus operandi for executing the contracts he takes, Bishop notes: "The best jobs are the ones where:"
You'd do it for free
Effort becomes effortless
You can live with yourself after the job is done
Nobody even knows you were there
3. What is the most noticeable thing about Bishop's mentor Harry?
He is in a wheelchair
He is quite a bit younger than Bishop
He walks with a limp
He only has one arm
4. How does Bishop learn that there is a contract out on Harry?
From a coded note left on his front door
Through a want ad
From a telephone call
From a "missing" panel on a milk carton in a grocery store
5. Bishop wants to meet his his handler Dean after learning about the contract on Harry. Bishop arrives to the meeting:
By train
On a jet ski
By parachute
On a private plane
6. Dean's reason for the hit on Harry was a botched job in _________ during which several operatives were killed:
South Africa
7. When we first see Harry's son Steve, he is:
Being arrested
Having sex with a woman
Stalking Bishop
In a cemetery
8. Steve believes that ___________ killed his father, and just about kills one in retribution:
Government agents
Rowdy teens
9. Bishop, to Steve: "It's stupid to kill someone when you have:"
A motive
No escape plan
No reason for doing it
Nothing to live for
10. Showing Steve around his home, Bishop warns the youngster not to touch something. What is Steve to leave alone (this becomes important later in the movie)?
His record player
His TV
His gun collection
An ivory Buddha
11. Whose idea was it for Bishop to train Steve to become a mechanic?
12. What kind of dog does Steve get when Bishop takes him under his wing?
A German sheperd
A poodle
A collie
A chihuahua
13. Bishop then instructs Steve to visit a ________ every morning:
Bus stop
Coffee shop
14. Bishop kills a man with a belt, and stages the scene to make it look like:
A B&E gone bad
Auto-erotic asphyxiation
A gangland hit
15. Bishop assigns Steve to kill a man who frequents a coffee shop that Steve has been going to. This man is an:
Mechanic from another group
Oil company executive
Foreign spy
Sports agent
16. Bishop instructs Steve to kill the man by quietly:
Drugging his drink
Slitting his throat
Breaking his neck
Shooting him
17. Steve disregards the instruction, and goes mano-a-mano with his target, ultimately killing him with a:
Microwave oven
Fireplace poker
Broken broom handle
18. Warned by Dean that he is on a short leash, Bishop's next target is:
An anarchist
A drug dealer
A cult leader
A politicial candidate
19. Bishop and Steve plan to kill the cult leader with this substance:
Nitric acid
20. Realizing their original plan won't work, Steve and Bishop kill the cultist by choking him with:
A straw
An electrical cord
A roll of paper towels
A camera
21. Steve realizes that Bishop killed Harry when he finds:
A flash drive
A note written by Harry
A board with photos of Harry
Harry's gun
22. Bishop learns Dean's location by threatening harm to the daughter of one of Dean's associates. What does he threaten to do to her?
Kill her while walking home from school
Put her hand down the garbage disposal
Inject her with a toxic substance
Shoot her
23. Steve believes that he has successfully killed Bishop in a(n):
Car wash
Gas station
Train depot
24. Steve dies in an explosion moments after reading a note from Bishop which reads:
This wasn't business. This time, it was personal
If you're reading this, then you're dead
I'm sorry about Harry
I told you not to touch my record player
25. The 2011 reworking of The Mechanic is a remake of a film starring which storied movie toughguy?
Clint Eastwood
Lee Marvin
Charles Bronson
Steve McQueen

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