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How Well Do You Know: Quick Change
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1. Grimm travels to the bank, in complete clown makeup and with balloons in tow, via:
City bus
His own car
2. Loomis freaks out for the second time during the heist when Grimm threatens that he'll do this to the troublemakers:
Carve up
3. In his first phone call with Rotzinger, Grimm says that he wants to be called _________ but immediately changes his mind and prefers to be called ____________.
Tripp / Chip
Skip / Chip
Chip / Skip
Skip / Tripp
4. Grimm's list of demands include each of the following modes of transportation, except for:
City bus
Ice cream truck
Monster truck
5. When Phyllis and Grimm exit the bank, Phyllis notices:
Grimm didn't clean all of the clown makeup off
Grimm's rubber clown nose is about to fall out of his pocket
Rooftop snipers have their guns trained on her
Loomis is still vomiting
6. Grimm reassures Loomis about his performance inside the bank, stating that he'd like to see this screen legend vomit on cue:
Judi Dench
Meryl Streep
Sissy Spacek
Katharine Hepburn
7. Rotzinger and Grimm share a similar view of the city, which Grimm has developed working for this department:
Public Relations
Tax & Revenue
City Planning
Human Resources
8. With Grimm, Phyllis and Loomis out of the bank and with Grimm on the phone with Rotzinger, Loomis screws up by:
Using Grimm's real name
Leaning on the car horn
Blasting the car radio
Accidentally firing a gun
9. Something keeps coming up when Phyllis tries to tell Grimm:
She's pregnant
She wants to get married
She's leaving him
She's dying
10. Loomis gets lost, because city workers had taken down the sign for this thoroughfare:
The Long Island Expressway
The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
Avenue of the Americas
Jackie Robinson Parkway
11. Loomis tries to ask a man for directions, but he's preparing for a joust:
On foot
In a wheelbarrow
On a bicycle
Riding on another man's back
12. The trio is robbed on the street. What does the armed assailant take with him?
Four dollars and their suitcases
Half the money from the bank job
Grimm's watch and their car
13. What happens when the three are getting changed in Phyllis's apartment?
Police converge on the building
A gangland fight breaks out outside
Several manhole covers explode
An apartment catches fire across the street
14. Who has a cameo in the film as the new tenant of Phyllis's old apartment who holds them at gunpoint?
Phil Hartman
Steven Wright
David Hasselhoff
Jon Lovitz
15. "$10,000.....and a blowjob!" The trio desperately tries to get a cab to the airport, even though they've already missed their scheduled flight to ___________ - not to worry, because Grimm also purchased tickets for a later flight to __________:
Aruba / St. Kitt's
Fiji / Martinique
The Seychelles / The Maldives
Bali / Tahiti
16. Grimm, Phyllis and Loomis's cab ride comes to an abrupt end when:
The taxi crashes into a police cruiser
Loomis jumps out of the cab
Phyllis accidentally shoots the cabbie
Lombino commandeers the cab
17. When the police arrive on the scene of Loomis's injury, who attempts to surrender to the police?
The cab driver
18. Having stumbled into a mob warehouse ("We came.... about the money"), Grimm passes himself off as a bag-man for the crime boss Lombino. What was the name of other bag-man that the boys at the warehouse are more familiar with?
19. While Phyllis and Loomis are waiting on the city bus that goes to near the airport, Grimm is busy:
Trying to get exact change
Running from Mario
Being interviewed by Rotzinger
Preventing an armed robbery in the convenience store
20. Who is arrested as the bus carrying Loomis, Grimm and Phyllis departs?
The cab driver
The clerk from the supermarket
21. Rotzinger realizes that the frightened cab driver is indicating that Grimm got on a bus, because the driver keeps using this word:
22. The bus is delayed by a man who tries to board but is prevented by the __________ that he carries:
Flag pole
Pair of skis
23. After the three depart the bus, they walk down a dark alley. What is the translation of the ominous phrase that a woman moans in the alley?
Vengeance for lost souls
Murder in the darkness
Flowers for the dead
The dead shall arise
24. Grimm unwittingly meets Lombino in the airport, who is traveling under the name:
Drake Shelton
Russ Crane
Michael Loretti
Mitchell Sullivan
25. When Rotzinger boards the plane, Lombino grabs ________ to use as a human shield:
A flight attendant
His wife

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