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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S03E16; Li'l Sebastian
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Well.. The quiz has one error... Leslie didn't win the Nobel Prize in Physics, she actually won the McArthur Genius Grant..
lindaaar 5/22/11 2:07 pm


1. Who informs the staff that Li'l Sebatian has died?
2. The moment of silence is interrupted by a janitor, whose music player is playing a tune by:
Shania Twain
Christina Aguilera
Milli Vanilli
3. Leslie wants Andy to write a song like Candle in the Wind, but _______ times better (hint: that number makes up part of the name of the song that Andy eventually writes)
1 million
4. Being diagnosed with this affliction has Chris *literally* contemplating his mortality:
Acid reflux
Back spasms
5. Leslie and Ben: Busted! Ron plays a tape in which the two mention these two famous women in their role-play:
Golda Meir and Mary Queen of Scots
Margaret Thatcher and Eleanor Roosevelt
Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro
6. Jean Ralphio displays a number of memorial ribbons. He and Tom scoff at which member of the staff who states that the ribbons are all black?
7. Ben and Leslie explain to the janitor that caught them kissing that she had just won the:
Rhodes Scholarship
Nobel Prize for Physics
MacArthur Genius Grant
Congressional Medal of Freedom
8. The two little horses brought out during the Farewell Li'l Sebastian tribute (one of which took a dump on the stage) were named:
Tickles and Pickles
Strawberry and Poison Ivy
Coconut and Ladybug
Pepperoni and Madagascar
9. Trying to convince Tom to join him in his production company, Jean Ralphio compared them to which notable cinematic duo?
Tango and Cash
Thelma and Louise
Rocky and Apollo Creed
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
10. Proceeds will go to Li'l Sebastian's favorite charity:
The United Negro College Fund
The Human Fund
The San Bernadino Home for Wayward Girls and Wine-making
The Afghan Institute of Learning
11. With Jerry out buying propane, who read the poem by Dante?
Councilman Hauser
12. "I think if you would know one thing about me, it's that I prefer _______________ to ______________."
Lighting torches/ reading poems
Laying wreathes / lighting torches
Doing anything else / lighting torches
Playing with knives / playing with fire
13. Hearing Li'l Sebastian had died made Ron cry for the second time in his life. The first time was when he was seven, and:
He was hit by a school bus
Nixon left office
Johnny Unitas retired
He had to amputate his own mother's leg
14. Andy is selling the single and the new full-length CD ($18 each, $40 for the set). What is the name of the CD?
Title of Record
The Awesome Album
Return of the Ghost of Mouse Rat
The Reggie Wayne Experience
15. William Barnes and his group meet with Leslie, and mention which political office?
City Planner
State Treasurer

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